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Horoscope for the weekend of August 12 to 14, 2022

Our favorite viiente Mhoni Vidente tells you what’s in store for you this weekend on the subject of love, health and fame with her best predictions. Plus the best rituals to attract luck and ward off bad vibes from your life.

You will have new work projects this weekend, these will be very positive days in your life, just avoid talking about your plans to trust your luck. You get extra money from sales, remember your sign is fire and it makes you very territorial, which makes it hard to end your past love affairs. I recommend that you light a white candle and ask your guardian angel for help in your emotional life, you will see that everything becomes easier. You move in with your parents. Watch out for stomach problems and don’t eat so much, don’t forget to continue with the low-fat diet. This August 13 will be important because a new work and personal cycle will begin that will fill you with great pleasure. Your lucky numbers are 01 and 27. Wear new shoes or sneakers for success.

A lot of work and meetings with your bosses will go through this weekend because of new projects you will be involved in, just beware of jealousy. You will sort government documents and make credit payments. Avoid fighting with your ex-partner, don’t forget that there are people who cannot completely separate from you. Avoid gossip at work and focus on getting things done. You get an invitation to go on a trip these days. This August 13, you will receive a divine revelation that will help you improve in every way, so I recommend that you light a white candle and ask your guardian angel for what you want so much; all will be fulfilled. Your lucky numbers are 05 and 66 and your color is white. You will continue to do well in love and that will make you feel very wanted.

Very strong changes will approach your life this weekend at the workplace, so carefully analyze what they offer you if you want another job. This August 13th, I suggest you light a white candle and ask your guardian angel what you want so badly. Ex-partner will look for you to come back, but remember that people don’t change, just learn to react, close that circle and move on in your emotional life, that new love in the sign of Aries, Cancer or Libra will come, very compatible to you. Your lucky numbers are 07 and 18. Wear more blue and white colors in your clothes to attract good luck, don’t be afraid to dress in bright colors. They invite you to go on a trip these days. A friend will invite you to be the best man at a wedding, accept, you always like to help others and more in these matters.

It will be very special this weekend because you will be pleasantly surprised and positive energy will be around you. You are in the best stage of the year, that is to say rebirth in every way. Friday with business meetings and positive projects that will help you grow economically. Be careful if you go to a party, you have to learn to control alcohol and excess food to avoid raw morals. You will have relatives from another country in your home and they will spend a few days on vacation. Avoid changing your partner so quickly, your sign is the water element and you are very flirtatious, remember that your most compatible signs are Pisces and Virgo. Take care of your skin problems and see a doctor for a checkup. Your lucky numbers are 19 and 23. Wear more yellow and white colors in your clothes to attract luck.

You will notice drastic changes in your mood throughout the weekend, you will become a very positive person. Put aside your selfishness and impulsive nature with the people around you, it’s time to learn to be more tolerant and give everyone space to make their life as a couple. August 13 will decide your work performance and you will get a very good proposal, remember not to talk to anyone to achieve that great work project that is coming your way. Your health is the most important thing in your life, so get a medical checkup. You get a gift you didn’t expect, you go on a trip and visit relatives. You will be lucky with the numbers 06 and 13. Your color of abundance is red. Protect yourself from envy, I recommend you light a red candle and wear a lot of perfume.

The worries about payments and finances will overwhelm you this weekend, you will find that the money will not give you no matter how hard you work. Remember that you have many envious people around you and this August 13 you must light a white candle and put on a yellow bow, tied with three knots on your right ankle; the next day cut it down and burn it to advance your economy. Your guardian angel indicates that you should listen to your feelings and not put a shell on love, it’s time to fall in love again. You get money from a family loan. Take care of health problems, it’s time to stay healthy in every way. There will be luck in love with Scorpio, Capricorn and Aries. You will be lucky with the numbers 03 and 20. Your lucky color is strong blue.

This weekend you will feel a little nostalgic as you remember people who are no longer in your life, remember that your sign is having a lot of trouble letting go of the past, but these are times to close circles and move on in life. Try to continue your studies and pay more attention to them because they will help you for your future. You decide to sell your car or property to pay off debt. They will send you gossip or a comment about an ex-spouse getting married. Continue your diet and exercise, which will help you be healthier and stronger for your work. Some friends are looking for you to invite you on a trip. This August 13th, I recommend that you light a white candle and put on lots of perfume so that good energy surrounds you. You get a lucky number with the numbers 03 and 29 and your lucky color is yellow.

It will be a very lucky weekend and to make positive changes in your life, remember that your sign is in a period of transformation of all energies and it will help you grow more professionally, just try to get rid of bad friendships. That’s why I recommend that on Saturday you light a red candle and put on a silver chain so that the good fortune that follows you will last longer. A relative is looking for you to invite you to a party on Sunday. You will have extra money for bonus deposit or for overtime. Don’t fight with your partner anymore, remember that your symbol always shows every situation. Your guardian angel will send you messages to remind you that part of your mission in life is to guide with your wisdom. Your lucky numbers are 32 and 39 and your color is green.

This weekend they will invite you to change your job or workspace, remember that your sign is dominated by the desire to grow economically. Don’t ruin the good times with your partner because of jealousy and misunderstanding, remember that your character is very strong and it affects your love relationship. You get lucky on August 13 with the numbers 33 and 10, combine them with your date of birth. On that day, I recommend you light a yellow candle and wear something golden so that good luck lasts longer. Your guardian angel will tell you that these days you should be more sensitive to your family and people who love you, as you sometimes offend them for no reason. In matters of love, a single Sagittarius will mix with forbidden or married people, but this is the worst thing you can do.

A weekend where you get good news about your professional life, you are at your best economic time and more because your positive energy is at its peak; To keep this going, I recommend that you light a white candle with cinnamon powder on Saturday and carry a lemon in your bag so that your energy has no obstacles and you continue to rise economically. You are traveling for family reasons. Your dad is looking for you to ask you for advice or medical help. You are very affectionate and that means you always have a reliable partner in your life. Your guardian angel tells you these days that you have to manage your time better, check all your earrings so you don’t forget them and you are more organized. You get lucky numbers 31 and 40, your lucky colors are blue and yellow.

They will be days of great transformation because you decide to end friendships and love relationships that are taking you nowhere. You have to give yourself the task to really see who are the reliable men or if this love is sincere to you. On Saturday, I recommend that you wear white clothes and light a candle to ward off any spells or evil eye that may have afflicted you. You will receive good news from a relative. They invite you to go on a trip or go on vacation with your friends these days. You will be lucky with the numbers 15 and 60, you can combine them with your date of birth to customize your luck. Your best love compatibility is with Taurus and Aries. Don’t think about it anymore and try to buy a house to have a legacy for your future, because it’s time to invest.

This weekend you will make the necessary changes to progress financially and professionally. Remember that your lucky day is August 13, so I recommend that you light a red candle and ask your guardian angel about what you need so much. In matters of love, avoid idealizing all the people you meet. Remember that your sign is always looking for a stable love affair, which is why you want to grab the first thing that comes your way; however, you must choose well for a romantic relationship. You will have very good energy around you and you will finally get rid of the illness that plagued you. Try to do something else in your professional life so you don’t feel stuck. You get lucky numbers 18 and 30, your lucky colors are blue and green.

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