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Russia begins mobilization of additional troops to Ukraine

In Russia, the announcement of the power plant sparked a number of protests across the country and at least 1,332 were arrested.

Many media outlets also reported that there was an avalanche of attempts to leave the country.

In neighboring Armenia, at the airport in Yerevan, the Russians admitted that they had fled the military. Dmitri, 45, with a small bag in his hand, explained that he had left his wife and children in the country.

“I don’t want to die in this senseless war. This is a fratricidal war,” he assured, preserving his anonymity.

In Finland, the government has seen a significant increase in the number of Russians crossing its borders, and they expect the number to continue.

The number of Russians who entered the previous day was more than double the number who arrived last week, Reuters reported, citing border guards.

“This morning there’s still a lot of people, … maybe it’s increased a little bit compared to yesterday,” a Border Patrol spokesman said.

Max, a 21-year-old Russian student who did not want to give his last name, said he was going to Finland to catch a flight to Germany to visit relatives.

“Technically I’m a student so I shouldn’t be afraid of being hired, but we’ve seen that things are changing very quickly so I suppose there’s a possibility,” he told Reuters after crossing the border with Vaalimaa.

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