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Malus. Who can escape the tax on CO2 and weights?

In theory, the rule is serious, but simple. To escape to a ecological malus always more dissuasive in 2022, it will have to buy a new car with less than 128 g / km of CO2. As for the new tax on weights, it starts dosage: only non-rechargeable thermal or hybrid models of more than 1,800 kg, including a 75 kg driver, are concerned. Hormis the utility derivatives, only certain versions of the Renault Space and Koleos are found as well as touched on the French brands. In practice, however, things are more complex than that. To take into account certain particular situations, various developments have been anticipated.

À LIRE. Tax on weights: the list of affected models

What examples for the malus CO2 ?

Malus.  Who can escape the tax on CO2 and weights?
Under certain conditions, the purchase of a vehicle destined to transport a disabled person completely exhausts the malus, on the CO2 as on the weight.

Appeared in 2007, the ecological malice is drowsy at the time, touching more and more models. But most of the exceptions that were planned for the departure will still be here today.

  • Numerous families : A reduction of 20 g / km per child is provided for families with at least three children in charge, including the reception families, for the purchase of a vehicle with at least five places assigned. The repayment is made a posteriori, by bank transfer or postal. The request must be made before 31 December of the 2nde year following the registration, and the family must be the owner indicated on the gray card. In addition to the new examples, those imported for the first time in France are also concerned, as opposed to demonstration or management models.
  • Disabled people : the malus does not apply to registered vehicles « private car handicap body », Accessible in rolling armchair, as well as those acquired by a person holding the mobility card inclusion bearing the mention of disability or a card of military disability. Top notch for people who would, in their care, be a minor or incumbent on the inclusion card. Attention, the exemption can only be concerned with a single vehicle by beneficiary. To avoid paying the tax, you will also need to provide a copy of the invalidity card when applying for a matriculation certificate.
    jeep gladiator malus
    To be able to sell its new Gladiator in France without malus, Jeep does not propose that it be used in four places.
    suzuki jimny malus
    In Europe, Suzuki no longer commercializes its Jimny as a biplace version. This allows him to escape the malus in France.

  • Utilities : In contrast to private cars (category M1 on the gray card), the users of category N1 are exempt from ecological malus, under certain conditions. The law specifies that they must not be intended for the carriage of passengers or their luggage or goods. That’s the reason why Suzuki is no longer proposing to his little Jimny to be with us. Attention, a transformation after the purchase exposes you to a tax. Long-term savings, the pick-up five places are, they, dormant soumis au malus, sauf s’ils are affected to the exploitation of mechanical repairs and skiable areas. In retaliation, the four-seat models remain until April, while Jeep has decided to amputate its new Gladiator from its central rear belt.

    of camping-car malus
    The vans and caravans are at the end of the day so they can serve housing and carry a certain number of equipment: table, chairs, kitchenette, couches …

  • Vans and camping cars : very trends at the moment, vans and camping-cars also benefit from an exemption, provided there is concussion to be able to serve housing. They can also carry at least a seat and a table (these can be movable), open couches that convert the seats, a kitchenette and storage spaces.
  • Occasion : the majority of use models are not concerned. First, the government has eliminated specific taxes that have been created for some years. But in the case of importing a second-hand model from abroad, it will do well to acquire ecological malus when you register it in France. Sachez toutefois that this is the scale that was in force during the first year of matriculation abroad which is taken into account, and that a reduction of 10% of the amount per year educated since this date has also been applied . Knowing the exact amount is therefore often complicated, especially if it is calculation mode has been reviewed the last year at the beginning of the WLTP cycle.

    malus range rover evoque flexfuel
    In its Flexfuel version compatible with the E85, the Evoque P200 escapes the moth that would normally save up to a 40% discount on its CO2 emissions.

  • Bioethanol E85 : a 40% discount is applied to CO emissions2 of ethanol-capable vehicles, provided that they remain below the 250 g / km bar. As a general rule, this allows one to escape to any malice. It is a means of taking into account the proprietary property of this fuel, produced mainly in France from vegetable materials that absorb CO2. All encouraging designers to propose compatible models of user output. But at this time, only Ford and Jaguar-Land Rover responded to the call.

À LIRE. Ethanol. The list of compatible models E85 without housing in France

What are some examples of weight loss taxes?

bmw ix taxe poids
Hydrogen and electric vehicles, even very heavy and bulky like this big BMW iX SUV, are escaping the new tax on weight.
renault trafic transport personnes
For moral persons who will drive or stay in a long-term location for a vehicle endowed with six seats and more, a discount of 400 kg is provided.

Claimed in particular by Barbara Pompili, the Minister of Ecology, the new tax on the weight of vehicles in force on 1is January 2020. But for now, it starts only at 1,800 kg, well over 1,300 kg which was initially proposed, and the exceptions are numerous.

À LIRE. Malus sur le poids: tout savoir sur la nouvelle taxe

  • Electric cars ou to hydrogen : often sealed by heavy batteries, they are totally exempt from this fiscal innovation for the instant.
  • Rechargeable hybrid cars : they also escape the tax and their electricity autonomy in city on the WLTP cycle travels 50 km. A condition that the quasi-totality of currently marketed models in France is about to replenish.
  • Disabled people: their vehicles are exempt in the same conditions as for ecological malus
  • Numerous families: here too, we follow the same principles as for the malus CO2, with a discount of 200 kg per child for families with at least three children in charge who will buy a vehicle of at least five places.
  • Vehicles have places and more: they benefit from a flat-rate discount of 400 kg if they are acquired by a moral person.

Sachez finally that the accumulation of ecological malus and this new tax on weight can not exceed, in 2022, a ceiling fixed at 40 000 €, or at 50% of the new price for the least expensive vehicles. Les Ford Mustang or Toyota Land Cruiser will also escape the “maximum penalty”, even if their penalty remains eliminated for most buyers.

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