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Two years after legalizing abortion laws, two PBA municipalities still do not enforce them

Almost two years after the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) law that legalized abortion in Argentina, the province of Buenos Aires has already implemented the practice in 133 out of 135 provinces.that is, in 98.5% of the total territory and two are still not in accordance with the standard.

In this regard, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health indicated that when “there are more than 500 health facilities that have free and safe access to abortion“. “We changed the provincial health system so that all women and pregnant people can make decisions about their own bodies,” they said.

The Ministry of Health reported that “free pregnancy breaks are guaranteed in 133 of the 135 municipalities of Buenos Aires”. Sources from the Ministry of Health confirmed The unveiling what”In recent days, Colonel Rosales, led by Mariano Uset of the PRO, and San Miguel, led by Macrista Jaime Méndez, have joined.“. That is, only IVE is not applied “in the cities of Capitan Sarmiento. by Javier Iguacel (PRO) and Lezama, managed by Arnaldo Harispe (UCR-Cambiemos)“.

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“Across the province there are more than 500 health facilities that have free and safe access to practice,” he explained.

To secure the new right, the Ministry implemented “historic purchase of misoprostol, bet on the domestic industry and generate significant savings”, which they estimated at $244 million.

Through the official website (, from the ministry, they explained what to do if you want to interrupt a pregnancy of your own free will: “If you suspect pregnancy, look on the map of health centers or hospitals closest to your home and request a pregnancy. test”.

Later, “If you confirm the pregnancy, the healthcare team will provide you with clear and detailed information about your rights and options (continue the pregnancy or choose to terminate it)“.

Finally, “if your choice was to terminate the pregnancy, you will be accompanied, informed, attentive and cared for throughout the process. In any of the options, you have the right to choose the contraceptive that best suits your needs.

Voluntary and legal termination of pregnancy was revealed by the Ministry of Health on May 28, 2021. The resolution regulated access to abortion and post-abortion care, in accordance with the commitments made by the Argentine state in health matters. and the human rights of women and other people of child bearing capacity.

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