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The Madrid Business Forum calls for non-compliance with the government’s actions

The energy saving measures implemented by the government are already being implemented, many establishments and public buildings were switched off last night and the dark city

Merchants and hoteliers are worried and confused for these measures and they say they will protect a lighted shop window in business.

Hilary Alfaro, president of the Madrid Business Forum, has presented his opinion on energy saving measures in the Good Morning program on Telemadrid and says: “I am sure that many measures will be ignored.”

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In addition, from the Madrid Business Forum, they ask that “merchants do not take measures which the government has requested as long as they do not present their austerity plan to the citizens.” The president of the Madrid Business Forum explains critically, “it is a law that seems to have been passed in an afternoon in a bar”.

Fines and penalties for non-compliance

However, non-compliance results in a series of penalties and fines quite a lot. Minister for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Theresa Riverahas said that although the sanctions will not be applied initially and that they leave room, if the non-compliance continues, they can go to court if the autonomous region does not apply those sanctions.

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Echoing Ribera’s words, Hilario Alfaro explains that “what is a crime is to have a government that does not govern.” Alfaro is sure that the law has no basis and that it does not contain a penal system. For this reason, he says he is sure that, “The songs are so weak I’ll be able to ignore them.”

The first one interested in not spending another euro, “we are the businessmen,” adds Alfaro. To refer to energy pricesmoreover, it is already too high in itself and hinders the savings efforts that small and medium business owners and families are trying to make, who are also noticing the price increase.

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