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“Customers take clothes without trying them on because of the heat”

On August 10, they came into force Royal Decree 14/2022 on energy efficiency. Since then Malaga merchants have to have theirs air conditioner at 27 degrees y turn off your windows from 22:00.

The reception of this directive was not positive and a week later it was The vast majority of companies comply with the established rules, although they complain about the heat and insist that many customers take their clothes without trying them on because they find it impossible to do so. On the other hand, Malaga Trade Federation (Fecoma) and Malaga Trade agree on it Business owners use these functions, depending on the needs of their business.

Many shops in the center of Malaga had already switched off their shop windows before the energy saving program came into force. Now, after a few days of its launch, María José, an employee at Centro Moda Málaga, assures that the first days customers complained constantly and that “the dresses did not go to their heads from the heat and they took them out of the dressing-rooms wet.” After a few days, according to the employee, the number of complaints has decreased, but she notes that many of her clients “they have chosen to take the clothes without trying them onwear it at home and if it doesn’t fit they come to return it’.

The air at 27 degrees for María José “It’s like I don’t have it, the fan we have at the end of the shop keeps me cooler”. At this point, Elena, a clerk at Toys Carrión, agrees with her, noting that when she’s working straight “I don’t even turn it on because instead of cooling, it makes me hotter.” Additionally, both suffer from both customer complaints and the establishment’s heat, with Elena claiming that it’s pretty hot when it comes to filling and cleaning because she has no way to cool down.

Shopping centers must also comply with the provisions of the energy saving plan. Some places of La Rosaleda Mall they have air conditioning at 27 degrees and others have chosen not to turn it on directly. Laura from Fifty Factory claims that “when there are few people you notice something cool, but cwhen there is atmosphere it is very hot, and even customers come in with fans.”

That is heat reduces morale and the clerk at Fifty Factory is sure of it: “The heat makes us more depressed, and anything done in that state is done with less desire.” On the other hand, José Manuel, an employee of the Timbos shoe store, is not affected when he works, but he I want to “notice that freshness from before.”. It’s true that it’s not hot in here and not cold either, it’s just nice”.

José Luis Díaz, spokesperson for the board Trade Union of Malaga, claims traders are complaining that the 27 degrees “doesn’t relieve the heat” and they are complying with this new regulation “as much as possible”. Salvador Pérez, president of Málaga Comercio, adds that not all stores are in the same situation. For this reason, he is sure that merchants “according to the need of the moment will have fixed the air issue, but I don’t think it’s normal for you to go into a store and sweat in such a way that you don’t even want to buy nor trying on clothes’.

Regarding the shop windowsboth organizations agree that all companies they turn them off from the start. In addition, Málaga Comercio points out that with the current economic crisis anything that can be saved is welcomeas “small and medium traders are not here to lose money”.

Traders do not know when they can install automatic doors

Royal Decree-Law 14/2022 on energy efficiency requires that in the premises should install automatic doors to keep the cold from the air conditioner inside and prevent the heat from outside from entering.

Many merchants have ask for a quote to install them and follow the norm, but the waiting list is so long they don’t know when they will get them. Until then, the establishments must keep their doors open, and according to José Luis Díaz, the spokesman for Fecoma, many fear of being punished for not complying with that rule of the royal decree.

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