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Voluntary contributions to my Afore, do they protect my money against inflation?

Will free donations to me Before protect my money against inflation?, according to the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar) It is a good decision to keep money in Afore.

Making voluntary contributions can be useful for better retirement conditions, they are also a great option to protect against inflation, according to eat.

The resources managed by Afore are long-term investors, this for the purpose of creating returnsexplains the Commission.

By investing the money that may be minusthat is to say, the instruments have a lower value according to the conditions in international markets, however savings workers will not be affected, they will only be temporarily less effective.

In that sense, the yield will make your money grow despite fluctuations, for this reason Consar suggests that It is better and safer to save your savings in Afore to keep them in the bank.

Similarly, making voluntary contributions to your Afore account is a good option to protect against inflation, as money does not stand still. however, you should consider that the benefits will be reflected until the moment withdrawal.

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