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MLB: Miguel Cabrera sets retirement date | baseball 123

Miguel Cabrera has already made the decision to retire from the league Big leagues. The Creole offered statements that hinted at his indecision regarding the next period. He assured that he is not feeling well about his physical condition and that it is not certain that he will continue to play much longer. Even the manager of the Detroit Tigers, AJ Hinch expressed his concerns at “Miggy’s” knee.

Never the less, Miguel Cabrera buried all rumors about his retirementin a statement to the reporter Chris McCoskeyof Detroit news. He vehemently stated that he was not going to retire either this season or next season. The intention is to complete his contract in 2023 and after this period make his retirement from football official.

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“There’s no way I’m going to give up… Next year I’m going to be here,” Creole explained his words to the media of the motor city. According to a plan established by Bengals coach Miguel Cabrera will have many more days off to stay in shape. Due to the condition of the right knee, which has worsened over time, The Venezuelan should have a different role in Detroit’s lineup. The truth is that immediate retirement is not an option for “Miggy”.

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