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how his return to River was conceived, the chance to retire young, his relationship with Gallardo and the impending dream of playing against Messi

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Juanfer Quintero provided details on the reasons that led to his second round at River. In addition, his close friendship with Gallardo, the opportunity to retire early and a dream awaits.

Juanfer talked about everything.  Look at the most outstanding statements.
© GettyJuanfer talked about everything. Look at the most outstanding statements.

Juan Fernando Quintero is synonymous with football, at River and at other clubs he goes to. Apart from any bad moments that might be happening on the pitch, Marcelo Gallardo and the fans know that a few strokes of the brush are enough to change the course of a game, as happened on the last day against Sarmiento. Beyond defeat Juanfer into the second half and changed the football equation on River who had no response.

With a contract until December 31 and uncertainty growing over his future, the Colombian is says “being very happy” in River, though “you never know what can happen”. In an interview with YouTube channel Dimelo King, Juanfer talked about everything: going to China, the decision to return to River and early retirement? And where will he play in 2023?

First, he was full of praise for Marcelo Gallardolike every time she decides to talk about him: “I have a friendship with him for a long time, no matter if he is my coach or not. He is a very sincere man. It was questionable whether or not he was still in the River and when he broke the news that he was still, we went deeper to return. We showed interest on both sides and here I am“.

I am happy. It’s a new opportunity, all very positive. Grateful to God and life“, he added about his present in Greatest. Despite not being a starter, Juanfer is seen with good energy and above all with the desire to show his best version again, the electrified version that fell in love (and will continue to fall in love) with all the fans.

Referring to his unexpected exit from Chinese football in 2020, he said: “There is no denying that this is a job. This is not a business for the players. This is a business for the club and for everyone. One is a “business” and wants to improve in many areas. Football is a passion, but ultimately it’s a business. And it’s the same everywhere. There are things you can’t say no to. These are things in football, in business, that change a person’s life a lot. China is amazing, I really liked it. Unfortunately I played there during the pandemic and every time I traveled I had to go into quarantine for three weeks. It was difficult. I talked about it with the club and they let me come to River“.

Early retirement?

El Nalgón also surprised with a sentence about the possibility of hanging up the boots early: “Reach 35 or 36? I hope and God willing, but I don’t think it will happen. I think until 33 or 34 is reasonable. I have been playing professional football since I was 15 years old. One begins to take care of retirement from now on, because there are many things that we have experienced. Time passes and it is not returned. You want to share things with your family and the people you love the most. Everything has its pros and cons, but I’m one of those people who don’t think it’s until 35″.

Dream on hold: playing against Messi

It will seem strange, but I always had a dream to meet Messi and I could never do it, for one reason or another. The last Copa América didn’t allow me to travel from China, the last time in Chile I was injured… It was always a dream to face him and meet him. I know at some point it will happen, but not even in the qualifiers has it touched me. It really is a dream. I’ve played the Champions League, the Europa League, I’ve been in Italy, Portugal, France, I’ve played the World Cup and it hasn’t happened to me. I long to cross it someday. It will be safe. I admire him a lot, because he guides us: he is left-handed, tiny… I have watched him since I was a child. He is the player I admire the most.“.

What will your future be?

Without giving too many details, Juanfer gave the opportunity to leave the millionaire at the end of the year: “I’m happy here at River, but this is football and you never know what can happen. I will go with life and what it brings, with what comes we will accept that and nothing else“.

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