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Concession withdrawn from route 45-A unit after accident in Campestre Mayorazgo – El Sol de Puebla

Concession withdrawn from route 45-A unit after accident in Campestre Mayorazgo – El Sol de Puebla

After the collapse of Unit 13 in route 45-Aagainst a private car, which left at least nine injured and considerable material damage Ministry of Transport and Communications (SMT) revoked concessions for damages to the community in addition to holding licenses to carriers.

In a statement, the government agency announced that inspectors under their control, visit the base of the route to verify the status of the unit and begin operations penalties and came to the conclusion that the vehicle in question was insured, so that the dealership and the authorities take care of the damage.

To this was added a revocation of concessions and abduction license the driver of the unit in question, as determined by Puebla State Transportation Law and its regulations.

It was the afternoon of Sunday, June 19 this year when the Department of Public Transport, Box 45collided with a private car, a potato stand and a wall in a mortgage store in the neighborhood Rural Mayorazgo. At the crossroads in 11 South and Las Torres Lanes o Free municipality nearby independent market.

The sun in Puebla reported that according to the testimony of some locals, the culprit was that he had driven at a red traffic light so he later lost control of the steering wheel, crossed the center and landed in a potato stand until he stopped when he collided. with the mortgage wall Montepio Luz Savinon.

Witnesses and drivers stopped to help, as did road workers and paramedics from both Municipal civil protection like ADDITION They moved to the area where they treated nine people, two of whom were traveling in the black private car that ended up being destroyed in front.


However, regarding the health of one of the nine people injured in this accident, the minor Juan Pablo two years, sources who sought him out revealed that he was taken into custody Puebla Hospital with a serious health condition and had even been strangled due to the injuries he caused, so his family hopes he will develop well.

Meanwhile, Carlos N, 31, who according to SSecretary of Civil Security (SSC) By the municipality Puebla He drove in the third degree of alcohol, until Monday afternoon he was still available to the agent Public Ministry for the crime of trauma.

However, it is expected that it will be on Tuesday when its legal status will be defined and thus it is possible to know whether the investigation file that began due to the accident that was registered on Sunday afternoon in 11 South Avenue and Las Torres Boulevard Free municipality.

It should be noted that a witness indicated that the driver of unit 13, route 45A drove over at a red light semaphorecollided with a black private car that the two-year-old was traveling in, crossed the center and then landed on a French potato stall until it ended up landing on one wall of the mortgage bank. Montepio Luz Savinon.

(With information from Paulina Gómez)

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