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Welcoming Ukrainian refugees: what to do in terms of insurance

You plan to host a family of Ukrainian refugees at home, in a studio or a lodge; and make the family car available… here are some tips on insurance.


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Families ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees number in the hundreds in the province of Luxembourg. At the time of hosting them, we wanted to know the possible arrangements to be made with his insurance broker…

Home insurance: at home or in a studio/gîte?

A distinction must be made between two scenarios: reception at home and reception in a studio-apartment or gite.
Home insurance covers the container and the contents against the risk of fire, bad weather, and even theft. “The insurance policy considers that the reception of these Ukrainian families is similar to the accommodation of a host”, specifies Emmanuel Haag, insurance broker. “It would be like housing a close relative, or even a foreign student for example. There is therefore no particular provision to be made.” Attention, it would not be the same if the people hosted took with them important content: “They would then have to be accounted for in the value of the assets to be covered.”. And therefore notify his insurer. On the other hand, in the case of the provision of a studio, apartment or gîte, independent of the main dwelling of the host, “it is essential to take out fire insurance for this home and ideally to complete it with a waiver of appeal”, warns Emmanuel Haag. In this case, Ukrainian families are considered as tenants, occupying the entire dwelling”.
Admittedly, it is reasonable to imagine that the host families who provide a studio or a gîte, usually rented, have already taken out fire insurance. “In the event of a claim, the owner will therefore be compensated. In contrast, warns our interlocutor, the company could turn against Ukrainian tenants”, who in this case would find themselves even more helpless… “By subscribing to a waiver of recourse, the owner protects the family accommodated of any risk of prosecution in the event of a claim”. Regarding this time, property coverage belonging to the hosted family, it is customary for them to take out their own insurance, but given their situation, it might be up to the owner to find out.

Family liability: they are covered

No worries on the family RC side: it covers people staying with the policyholder, for damage caused to third parties”, indique Emmanuel Haag. †From this point of view, as long as the contract is in order, there is nothing to do with his broker.”.
But beware the RC will not cover not accidental damage committed at the host, notify the broker. In the same way that it would not cover damage committed by one of its children for example“As a reminder, the family RC covers the liability of the lessee for damage caused to third parties, as well as that of the members of his household and his pets. It also covers a member of your household residing temporarily elsewhere (in kot , abroad, in a care or rest institution) or even the cleaning lady, the gardener… when they work for the lessee.

Car insurance: occasional or regular use?

The Ukrainian license is recognized on the territory of the European Union.
But in the event that the hosts consider making their own vehicle available to Ukrainian families, to allow them to visit other acquaintances or register in Brussels, for example, two scenarios must be distinguished: either the use of the insured vehicle is occasional or it is regular. “The car insurance covers the occasional loan of the vehicle: to a cousin who spends the weekend with you, or to a friend who uses it every Saturday to go to his sport for example.” In this case, there is nothing to undertake. On the other hand, if the availability becomes regular, you must notify your broker. Imagine that the host lends his car several days a week so that the refugee can go to French lessons or to go to work, for example, then he becomes a regular driver and it is necessary to mention him in the policy.” Will this automatically affect the amount of insurance? “It depends on the driver. It will be necessary to take into account his age, the number of years of driving, any recent accidents…”, replies Emmanuel Haag.
However, given the situation in Ukraine, it may be very complicated to obtain this information officially. In the case of regular use, it therefore seems essential to notify your insurer. This is the general framework laid down, but it is possible that the insurance contracted contains specific provisions related to the personal situation of the insured, so it is essential to speak with your broker.

Christopher Thiry

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