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‘Scotland’s Chernobyl’: Home to 20 people and apartment worth 40 million – Europe – International

‘Scotland’s Chernobyl’: Home to 20 people and apartment worth 40 million – Europe – International

Mattresses on the floor, dust everywhere, and a development that looks like it’s been abandoned in seconds. This is Clune Park in Port Glasgow, Scotland, where a photographer named Kyle Urbex took a photo.

sometime, around 1920, it was one of the most prosperous places in the region. In fact, the local media points out that it is It was the cheapest place to buy a house, because there was an auction where prices reached up to seven thousand pounds – about 40 million Colombian pesos..

The place has 430 apartments spread over 45 floors and, although the spaces are small and do not allow very large families to live there, it has one of the highest rates of population density anywhere in Scotland.

However, its current level of decay is surprising. Most of the businesses are completely abandoned, with broken glass and mold completely eating away at the walls.

Inside the building, some of the apartments still live amidst the chaos of walls which, according to reports in the local media, are in a very weak and unstable condition.

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Less than 20 percent of the apartments are occupied and very few people are still living in the development. “Some flats still have a lot of possessions, as if someone had gone out for the day and never returned,” he told British outlet ‘The Sun’.

Indeed, the level of urbanization has caused some to compare it to Chernobyl following the explosion of the reactor which, due to the radiation, had to be quickly evacuated.

Life in Scotland’s Chernobyl

Although there are not many inhabitants in the place, the truth is most of them exist because they cannot find cheaper alternatives to survive.

Julie Jane, for example, is a 56-year-old woman who, according to what she told The Sun newspaper, has lived there for over two years and has no plans to move anywhere else , because she only pays. 250 pounds – a little more than a million pesos – for the rent of his room.

However, in this case, cheap is expensive and what other residents have mentioned is that it is not a safe place.

For some time now homeless people started occupying the abandoned rooms, so the situation in and around the place was not optimal.

In fact, Kane remembers that when he started living in the development, prostitution, as well as the sale and consumption of drugs, was common, even in the rooms next to him.

In addition, another resident of the place, Marie Morrison, who has been there for 40 years, told ‘The Sun’ that it has become dangerous.

According to what Morrison reports, many apartment fires tend to appear, in addition to structural damage, to be “intentional.”

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Is it safe to live in Clune Park?

Apart from whether it is safe in terms of the situation in the environment or in the same rooms, there is also doubt as to whether the structure of the building itself is under the best conditions for people to live there.

In fact, the corresponding authorities have bought some whole apartments and then closed them completely because they do not consider it safe to live there, but the other owners do not agree to sell their houses.

Even the newspaper ‘The Sun’ reports that more than six buildings in the surrounding area are already under evacuation and demolition orders due to their instability.

Councilor Michael McCormick said in the same medium: “The remaining homeowners need to recognize that the only future for these homes is demolition, and frankly, the sooner the better.“.

Clona Park

The houses around the place are closed, for the most part.

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According to him and the entities that studied the buildings on the site, most are “below the Tolerable standard”, which means that “which do not meet the basic requirements to be classified as fit for habitation“.

However, there are people who would rather live under these risks than pay thousands of pounds more expensive rent elsewhere. What would you choose?

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