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Judge: “In the dwelling house they will give you hot food and enough shelter”

Judge: “In the dwelling house they will give you hot food and enough shelter”

The leader of the Civil and Commercial Court No. 2, Dr. Gabriel Saade, a series of precautionary measures to care for a vulnerable older adult because of his age, blindness and the large amount of indecency in which he was. Although he was found to be a beneficiary of Anses and Pami, his inability did not allow him to defend himself against those who entered the ranch in which he lived and took money and a few paraphernalia.

“A., I am Judge Gabriel Saade, who visited you when your personal case came to my attention that you cannot see, that you live in an area with a roof, holes and walls with cracks , mud floors, no bathroom or toilet, minimal essentials, constant exposure to cold and rain, among the old things that harm your health, “the magistrate explained to the man.” From the moment I met you, I set out a number of measures to find out what the State could offer through its agencies such as PAMI, Goya Municipality and the Provincial Housing Institute, to improve your home, help you with your health with doctors and medicines, with meals, in among other things., Today I must tell you that the State, unfortunately, does not have a program that improves your home according to your condition as a person who does not see and lives alone, but the Corporation offers you to take. bath, give you sheet metal, materials r and farm cut, PAMI will pay a single person to be with you and pay a maximum of $ 8,500 per month, for medications and pharmaceuticals and monthly bag interest, “he said.

He told her that the recommendation of the PAMI and the Corporation – through the Secretary for Human Development – is to live permanently in a nursing home, “but my decision is that you do it for a while, in principle, for 120 day like that. you know the place and its care, you can only go home there if Mr. C. (the neighbor who helps you) or your niece finds someone to stay with you all day and does not leave it’s you alone ”.

Dr. explained. Saade for A. the reasons why it was important for his house to have a proper bathroom, roof and walls so that it would not get wet or cold, and he spoke to him about his safety: “Now you are not. sure because people come in They are only interested in taking what you have, taking advantage of the fact that you are living alone Your life is always in danger and you can also hurt yourself by move from one place to another without seeing the obstacles in it It is my duty to take care of you .. (…) Six When you are in the house, they will give you hot food and enough shelter.

Finally, he informed her that he would receive visits from his two nieces – from whom he was far from you – and that his neighbor would take care of his dog and his belongings. “At that time, the municipality is about to make some improvements to your home and will inform you about it. Finally, I want to let you know if you do not agree with my decision, your defendant is technical , Dr. Balestra, who can ask other Judges to review what I have resolved and they can change it. “

Among other decisions made, Drs. Saade urges the city’s Pami Agency and / or the Secretary for Social Development to mediate the necessary measures to ensure that health professionals from time to time control their state of physical and mental health. He considered it relevant to highlight the current responsibility of National State agencies (in the case of PAMI – The National Institute for Social Services’ Comprehensive Medical Care Program for Pensioners and Pensioners-), in extending their aid programs or benefits, by consider, in addition to those currently on offer, the possibility of creating other comprehensive programs, especially for blind adults, for both learning and communication such as “braille” for example, which facilitates and allows greater independence and independence and social inclusion, through a continuous and progressive medium. classes with specialized teachers. Also, programs that enable their autonomous and independent movement by using a can or with animals (guides), drive themselves, for example.

He instructed the sister (who does not live in the city) and the niece in their capacity as relatives to maintain regular communication and visits. And he asked the neighbor, temporarily named as “support”, to continue to be helpful because of the trust that A. instilled in him. He also asked him to keep the space clean and well cared for, to inventory his assets and to consult A. as to his will. As for his dogs, which Dr. Saade particularly noted A.’s affection for and rewarded, he commissioned it to find new carers and not to leave it in a state of abandonment.

The municipality was asked to build a house with minimum housing conditions that allow for budgetary, human, technical, professional, material and current resources programs to help people in conditions of vulnerability due to their poverty, and a bathroom that reflects their condition visually impaired. .

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