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How to apply IKEA 3 + 1 rule for warmer and more welcoming home. It’s so easy!

They say that every teacher has their booklet; but in terms of decoration there will be theories (such as the color rule 60/30/10 ó la rule 3) that will help you achieve the style you want by mixing prints, fabrics and accessories. One of these rules is IKEA’s 3 + 1 theory, which assures a Swedish firm that you can find a warmer and more welcoming home where you feel one hundred percent comfortable. And no, they are not talking about the typical cabin in the woods, but about the selection of textiles to decorate your home with many nuances more than color.

The IKEA rule 3 + 1

According to IKEA, “textiles are the easiest way to ‘redecorate’ space with a low budget and, in addition, achieve the cozy effect we are looking for. However, there are times when it is not so easy to put together.with them to achieve a magazine result.And this simple change, which you are sure have seen us claim from El Mueble many times, will make decorating your home rise level and, more importantly, it becomes a home.To achieve this, IKEA recommends the 3 + 1 rule.

Step 1. Start with the basics

When considering the color of your sofa or bedding, choose some cushions that serve as the basis and within the color range you choose to decorate the sofa or make the bed. So, on a gray sofa, it can be a perfect base for other more vivid colors such as mustard or the boiler chosen for this example.

gray sofa with boiler cushions 00546434 O

Step 2. Define the style

The next step is the one that will help you define a decorating style or another. So, according to IKEA, you have to look for some element in the fabric that distinguishes it from the previous one, by the type of fabric (cotton, linen, velvet, wool …) or by adding a geometric shape , and so on. such as checks, polka dots or stripes. In the previous image, the more informal style is marked by the white cushion with boiler stripes, which follow the same color range, but with a more prominent point in its design.

Step 3. Mark the expression

For IKEA this is the time to get creative, so some element of the third cushion should include embroidery, original print, contrasting colors or different types of fabric. In the example we have, the cushion with tassels and floral print makes the difference.

Step 4. The +1: the blanket

If you are diligent with our article, you will know the importance we attach to the sofa blanket. And IKEA seems to think the same thing. According to them, “The plaid is a very important accessory so that your evening on the couch or naps in bed is 100% delicious.” And they add that we include them of various thicknesses, sizes and materials. If the weather is good, our advice is to make it linen, similar to the one in the image, and have one of the basic colors.

Simple and patterned cushions on the sofa 00531375

How to complete IKEA 3 + 1 rule

But it’s not just a cozy living room based on a warm sofa and some tasty and beautiful cushions. There are other basic textiles for decoration that will help you enhance that warmth of ours. According to the Swedish form, these elements are the curtains and the carpet.

Add some nice curtains

A room without curtains is a room with little heat and even a little soullessness. We hereby agree with IKEA that “the main characters are the curtain room. A house does not end up being a house until we put some curtains to dress our windows”.


In fact, according to its 3 + 1 rule, curtains are a perfect complement to mix textiles and colors to taste, as well as some models that maintain room temperature, helping you save on heating. You can choose one model, curtain type, with which you will already have a warmer space. But you can also combine these with thicker curtains or even force-dropped curtains.

And don’t forget the blanket

As the last element to achieve a warm and welcoming living room, IKEA does not forget that the footprint must be protected. That’s why rugs are essential in any living room, whether it’s winter or summer. In addition, they also help to frame different areas within the same room. If you choose it in ocher or brown tones, it will give a natural touch to the decoration at any time of the year.


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