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Home sweet home | Incognito

Home sweet home | Incognito

I don’t know if it happens to you, but I usually feel homesick from routine. It’s probably absurd, but I like that little routine and it makes me feel comfortable and safe. It can be a lot more boring, no doubt, but break it up a bit during the year, at least we have weekends (if someone wants to take advantage of them that way). It’s just that I’m older, cheers.

The thing is, that’s why the holiday nostalgia happens for me. It’s great to be out there on the road, but it’s obvious – at least to me – that you can get tired when you’re picking your nose. It happened to me other years, and of course it also happened on these holidays, which were a little longer than usual because, as you know, there were because there is no tomorrow.

It is enough from so many incomparable sunsets, from so many shovels on the beach, from so many tiger jumps — see if anyone can find out where the head is in the image —, from so many hoses and the so much cider with Cabrales. . A man for God. And not only that: the children also have a longing of their own: they wanted to see their friends again, and Javi even said to see if school would start immediately. Send a nose.

The truth is that in the last few days there has been a growing desire to return to the petty bourgeois center and even – excuse me – to work a little and stop playing the güitos. When I was little and I came back from holidays with my parents, I remember perfectly that feeling of opening the door of the house again after the holiday: it was the same feeling I had yesterday when I returned me. The one with the famous town, sweet town. That is the known and known.

And once back, the doubt. Do I remember where the keys are on the keyboard? Was I too disconnected and will the technological world overwhelm me with the new items of the future? The answer to the first question is yes: I remember writing—I’ve started publishing on Engadget today—and the location of the keys. The answer to the latter is negative, as expected. Technology can progress quickly, but not so quickly that the landscape will have changed in three weeks.

And it’s not that I haven’t tried: it was a particularly special holiday to disconnect. I took my laptop just in case and only used it to watch series with my wife and kids (recommendation: catch ‘Blue Summer’ on HBO Max if you can and have kids). Here’s a little message for hotel owners and Airbnbs: please, stop putting 14-inch TVs in the back of the room and the living room where they look smaller than a mobile phone: we’re not in 1980 and the TVs 43- inches -50 inches is the price of mucus.

If anyone came here, they would notice that I was also disconnected from the blog and the Incognichollos, which I only updated one of the days. I gave myself a complete break on that too. I tried to use the mobile phone to read but I failed with the two readings I chose and tried to return to them as if to convince myself that they must have something if they were successful. The first, ‘The Invisible Guardian’, by Dolores Redondo, seemed heavy to the extreme. The second, the viral ‘El mar, el mar’ by Iris Murdoch — which I discovered in a post by Antonio Ortiz — horrified me because of its prose and that “everyday manner”. I endured it even less than the first, and ate a third of it. And as always happens with novels that get stuck, I’m not smart enough to cut quickly and move on to something else butterfly. I give them a few chances because I’m an idiot. What I did well was getting rid of gadgets. Before the holidays I even thought about taking the Steam Deck with me, but in the end I didn’t and I think I was right: I wouldn’t use it much either, I don’t care, because I was inside too. strange mental mood. Being near the sea is what he has.

I was also not very familiar with the current technology. I’ve been wandering through Twitter with indifference, and contrary to what happened in other summer periods, I come up with very few ideas to write here — there are some — and with a kind of mental exhaustion from resting, eating and resting let again.

Maybe that’s why I missed this routine. The one to hit the keyboard a little, the one to meet friends and family again, and the one to become a World Padel Tour player once and for all. The last thing is complicated, but hey, to try it is not yet.

There is no hearth like your own hearth.

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