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AMA home insurance stands out one more year among the best on the OCU valuation

The IS AMA Home Insurancethe mutual insurance company for health professionals, once again stands out in the highest positions of user satisfaction ranking, according to a survey of 5,624 people at the Consumers and Consumers Organization (OCU) in which 35 insurance companies are assessed.

This news confirms the work, effort and perseverance put forward by the years AMA Honorary President, diego murillo; and burning president of the mutual, Louis Fields.

According to the study, the results were published in the March issue of the journal ‘Money and Law’AMA home insurance gets the secondly for total satisfaction and satisfied with the compensation or compensation.

The same evaluation receives the insurance for the amount of the premium and its evolution and level of quality in telephone coverage. Consumers were extremely pleased with the clarity in claims processing.

AMA home insurance is second only to full satisfaction and redress for compensation or repair

AMA Home Insurance has quickly climbed positions on the list of leading Spanish insurers who have been registering, for many years, the the highest ranking scores prepared by the OCU.

These policies have become consolidated among mutual insurance companies regarding bidding numerous toppings, basic and unusual, with a price tailored to specific needs. They offer a wide range of servicesincluding the “basic handyman” guarantee for simple tasks, minor repairs and home maintenance, and the “specialized handyman” for more difficult jobs, such as installing electric water heaters or repairing toilet tanks.

The OCU survey consolidates the position of the Mutual Association of Health Professionals as a leader in the health sector, with more than a million products contracted. These good details are undoubtedly the result of consistent and hard work and a commitment to the quality of service, proximity and loyalty of the members.

Because we all need health …

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