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The last French students graduated: how does the cause of the accident they suffered in Palermo continue

Anne-Lise Duma left Fernandez Hospital on Friday
Anne-Lise Duma left Fernandez Hospital on Friday

The last of the three French students who were hit by a taxi in the Buenos Aires district of Palermo, where the driver lost control of his vehicle when he was hit by a collision, but one of them died as a result, was discharged on Friday afternoon from Fernandez Hospital.

The 23-year-old girl, who suffered a pelvic fracture due to the blowaccompanied by her parents who came from Europe last Monday, as well as her friend Clemence Remeauthe other survived the accident.

“Anne-Lise Duma was discharged from the hospital and is being transferred to Mater Dei (health centers) on behalf of her health insurance”they reported to the agency Telam sources from the establishment where the young woman was admitted to hospital from last Saturday when the accident happened.

Regarding the current health picture of the exchange student, they assured him “At the moment he has a memory disorder” which “will improve over time“, Although it no longer requires intervention.

The tragic accident took place on Saturday at noon at the intersection of Santa Fe and Armenia Avenue, just 200 meters from where Remeau lived. Of the health condition from which he suffered, The 74-year-old taxi driver lost control of the Volkswagen Voyage he was driving and drove over the three young women. The car then collided with two stationary cars and was stopped in the middle of the street.

Clemence Remeau, the survivor of the accident
Clemence Remeau, the survivor of the accident

A few minutes later, the SAMMI ambulance arrived on the scene and doctors confirmed the driver he was unbalanced on the asphalt and did not react to stimuli. Although he was first reported to have had a stroke, it was later revealed that he was fainting, a sudden loss of consciousness due to nerve or heart causes.

At the same time, the students who belonged to the exchange program at the University of San Andrés for six months and had been living in Argentina for more than three monthswere immediately taken to Fernandez Hospital where one of them, Fight Margaux Adrienne Bichet25 years old, died 24 hours later from injuries he received from the blow.

As a result, a case was initially filed with the Northern Flagrancia State Prosecutor in Buenos Aires, followed by the Criminal and Criminal Prosecutor’s Office. Matías de Sanctiswho believed it Lwana’s death can be treated as a careless killingArticle 84 of the General Penal Code, which punishes with one to five years’ imprisonment “anyone who causes another death due to delusion, negligence, inexperience in his art or profession or neglect of the rules or duties entrusted to him. “.

Lwana Margaux Adrienne Bichet, 25, died last Sunday
Lwana Margaux Adrienne Bichet, 25, died last Sunday

The President of France himself, Emmanuel Macronrefer to the material in the meeting which he shared this Friday with his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernandezin which he prayed that “the truth would soon be revealed” about what had happened and took the opportunity to express his sympathy to the family of the deceased girl.

For her part, Remeau was discharged last Tuesday without continuation, “apart from the blows and the pain it causes.

Í a video recorded by a woman who witnessed the collision, which was published by Infobae, shows how after the collision the taxi driver regained consciousness for a while and still asked on board the vehicle: “Where is he? Tell me what happened. “

The video of the taxi driver’s reaction after driving over the French students in Palermo

“He had a ventricular tachycardia that required an electric shock and could be reversed,” they explained, adding that “it is estimated that he may have had a similar arrhythmia while driving,” the Buenos Aires ministry said. health explained.

How is the case against the driver

Prosecutor Matías de Sanctis has in recent days declared himself incompetent in the case, but previously requested an autopsy on the body of a dead girl as well as the medical history of the surviving students and the retired taxi driver.

Judicial sources confirm Infobae that in this context the study It should go from a crime and misdemeanor jurisdiction to an investigative jurisdiction, something that would be resolved in the next few hours.

However, this medium was able to confirm that the 74-year-old had a “valid driver’s license”, as “he had extended it during the pandemic until April 2023” and even “had a license to carry up to 20 passengers” and was neither fined nor debts.

As for his health, after the accident he was in a coma and was vulnerable: The Monday after the accident he had ventricular tachycardia and according to the latest medical report issued by Rivadavia Hospital, where he is admitted, “he is still serious, due to his condition, but stable.


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