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“Only 4 EPS meet good financial and service indicators”: Ministry of Health | Peaceful

The Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, appeared at the Valle University Hospital in Cali, where the first public hearing on the transformation of the healthcare system. The president used the opportunity and reiterated that the national government will contribute to profound reforms of the hospital system and EPS.

Corcho assured that the state will not continue to pay middlemen who hire themselves and become bankrupt to hospitals and clinics that are not part of your business.

“There has never been talk of going back to the social security model, the model is what it is today. It was vertical integration where workers contributed money to insurance and it had its own hospitals (…) We have to overcome this model because the state can hand over public funds to intermediary managers pnow that he pays. This bankrupts hospitals and clinics that are not even part of its vertical integration,” the official assured.

The Minister of Health confirmed that this government received, out of 32 EPS, 14 EPS in liquidation proceedings. Said”Today, only 4 EPS meet good financial and service indicators.

“This does not exist in any health system in the world. In addition, hThere is another factor: Act 100’s desire for EPS to become an insurer, but it was not true and the reasons are given for us here. Of the companies that have been wound up, more than $200 billion were left behind in debt, he added.

Corcho clarified that he was not against private enterprise, but warned that the current health model it does not regulate good health care and EPS are not insurers.

“If I have any resources and the county has some contracts with hospitals so that later I can go bankruptNo, I have to have reinsurance and that didn’t happen in Colombia. One of the facts behind the experience is that the vast majority do not meet the minimum requirements and this requires an exit that must be given in the republican assembly,” he pointed out.

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