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Fernando Summers, new president of Rastreator: “Hurry …

Rasterator Start a new stage in Spain with the launch of new services and the opening of physical services. The comparison is not unique, you are talking about what you are doing when you are working last.

For example, the energy tax, which is better adapted to its needs and to ours always has the most to offer. “We have ten energetic comparators in Rastreator since many years ago, but it is clear that in Spain we had one of these cases that prevented us from comparing energy”, confirms the new president of the company, Fernando Summerswhich replaces in el cargo a Elena BetesFounder of Rastreator and incorporated in the matrix, Red Ventures, to lead new projects.

“It’s a small oscillation of prices, it’s a little hourly, it’s a small demand for final users in the search for a comparison of energetic and clear services, before this boom we saw in the last months, with this increment and two precious waves of prices, politicians and demas, logically, traffic and the energy market have disappeared “, Summers explained in an interview with Hispanidad.

Although the comparator acaba to open its first physical state -and Seville-, and hover more apertures in the next months, its main activity develops on the Internet and as a digital company has been superior and surpasses in its corners the modifications that hace Google of his famous algorithm. “Google, with its dominant position in Spain, all you do not have to do.”

In the last months, the mortgage market has been unveiled and the mortgage lending has been and is being unveiled

As with the rest of the negotiations, Rastreator also affected the world epidemic. “We have ten distinct moments and the good ones are that we are very diversified as far as the distinct services that we are comparing and these are, that we have come well. During the months of confinement, in March, April and May 20, it is believed that the security of the coach has not benefited from the fact that a lot of people are deciding: well, but now the people are at home and have time… soon Er det creo að todos estabamos con la cabeza en el Covid, en la attención médica, en el social component y nadie staba pensand en el seguro de coche. In exchange, in these months we see the potential of health and life insurance searches. Önnur vara sem tambi se vio muy incrementado fue el de serifas de internet and de ADSL y fibra que ,ökrétt, como estábamos todo el mundo un poquito exacerbado y teletrabajando, y por el ocio, todo el mundo se preocupo mucho por este typo of service. These products will be launched while our months of refining are strong “, explained.

¿Products that sufrieron muchísimo? Then logically all travel routes. Disappearance roads, as well as roads travel the same as road safety. What happened? Que luego se ha ido bætur. With the passage of the months, all those users who should be concerned about car security, next year, next door: now you can see that it passed with the security of the car, that there are two years without miracle, or me han cobrado cuando lo he tenido parado, o lo que sea. Luego, al año, en 2021, hemos visto cómo ese seguro de auto ha crecido mucho más “, explains Sumar.

Diversity has sido clave: “It is possible to expect that you have passed away from a pandemic that is more than what you are in, and that cannot be said. Now we are going to have travel and travel insurance because he is separated because we are all like places to rent and travel and go to the beach and hours. We have passed distinct epochs, but if we say the world, thanks to this diversification the hemos are sorted well between one thing and another ”, affirma.

Without a doubt, the mainstays are the main advertising of Rasterator -from 2022, 75% of the group members come from ellos-, pero los financial products of Ganando terreno. “Interest rates have been tremendously low – now they are subtle – with which it is believed that in the last months the mortgage market has been lost and the mortgage rates have been and are gone”, Señala Summer. De hecho, para hacer frente a esta krafði, the company has contracted has 30 certified hipotecarios brokers, which ya forman parte af plantilla af 170 employees.

The price is a variable and all the variables are the same as the price

Y no solo mortgages: “Ahora están has gone through an unexpected time which is perfect as a result, as in all the economic cycles, which we want to have a lot of people looking for prestige and special consumption”.

In contrast to what should be thought, users have not always contracted the most barat. „The price is the fundamental variable, but not the only one. The option more barata if siendo the more interesting, is logical the more clicks, the more required, but tell you that in 50% of cases. In other areas 50% of users are interested in gundas, terceras, quarts or quintas opciones, although Sean más caras que la primera. Because in the end, when you are looking for a service, you only preoccupy yourself with the price, we also know that you are covered, that you want to buy a company, o.fl. For supuesto, the price itself being the first variable of issue and then the motivation given by us will determine the prices and what the users are most interested in. If you are talking about the product, what you are doing, it is possible to do what you are doing, and what you are coordinating, is what matters, there is peace and privacy to offer to a final partner, which is final for you. We will say that the price is a variable and in that case we will change the same as the price ”, ályktaðu.

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