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Is it worth getting health insurance for my children?

A child’s health needs

Our health needs vary over the years. There are periods of life (elderly people, pregnancy in women…) where we usually need more medical examination. Childhood is also one of them.

After losing the protection of the mother’s womb, the child faces new threats in the first years of life (viruses, bacteria…) as the immune system becomes stronger. Therefore visits to the pediatrician and emergency room are routineeven in healthy children.

Is it worth getting health insurance for my children?

In addition, childhood is a time of growth. In an incredibly short time we learn to talk, walk, eat alone… Regular check-ups with a pediatrician are essentials to observe that this physical and intellectual development develops in an adequate way and to detect health problems early, which at a young age can still be solved.

Finally, in the case of children, even in good health, the need for medical attention is greater than in adults. Things to keep in mind when evaluating whether health insurance is worth it.

Children’s health insurance

Having insurance that protects our children’s health offers us some obvious benefits beyond public health. The free choice of pediatrician and specialists It is one of the things valued by parents who value having a trusted pediatrician who takes care of their children personally and devotes all the necessary time to them.

In the case of specialist doctors, additionally take private health insurance It keeps us off the Social Security waiting list. In this sense, when comparing the insurance offer, it is important to analyze the medical chart of each insurer.

In Bizkaia, IMQ is the company that offers the widest range of healthcare professionals, with almost twice as many specialists as the second-placed insurance company. Basque Insurance Company It also has in Bizkaia all medical and surgical specialties and pediatric subspecialtieswhich makes your medical chart in the broadest and most competitive.


The insurance also offers us speed already do medical tests and get results. Here it is necessary to assess the network of own and coordinated medical centers that the insurers have. Also in this case IMQ is the leader in Bizkaia.

Among own centers, is health center IMQ Zorrotzaurrethe largest private health center in the Basque Country that includes among its medical services Children’s emergencies and maternity and children’s department. Also the medical center IMQ Colon in Bilbao offers services to childhood vaccination, recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Basque Government.

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