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AMHP, an Islamic health-oriented charity

Tehran (IQNA) -The American Muslim Health Specialists (AMHP) is a national non-profit organization that focuses on professional development, health education, the needs of American Muslims and support for minorities and disadvantaged communities.

AMHP also focuses on strengthening cooperation among Muslim experts from various health and drug-related fields.

AMHP was founded in 2004 by Arshia Wajid. Headquartered in Rowling, Illinois, the organization is currently chaired by Hasan Shanawani. The organization has been at the forefront of public health issues since its inception, including mobilizing Muslims to discuss health reform in the early days of the Obama administration, supporting community action against obesity, raising funds for people with disabilities, and participating in mental health work.

AMHP, an Islamic charity that focuses on the health of the community

Commenting on his motives, Wajid said: “There are many teachings in Islam that encourage us to address social justice and find those who need care. Serving others is one of the most beautiful ways to worship God, and that is the principle I try to remember when I offer myself.

We support the fringe communities of our country or war-torn refugees. It is not a choice, but a commitment to help vulnerable communities. It is also a way to appreciate the countless blessings that have been given to us.

AMHP, an Islamic charity that focuses on the health of the community

Prior to 2004, there was no forum for Muslim health professionals to work together to share information and social resources. I founded AMHP 15 years ago because I felt it was important to fill this gap not only for professional development but, more importantly, to use a collection of common skills and expertise to support community health projects. Nationwide, we focus on mental health, advocacy and career development.

Every person has the talents that can be used to serve society and in light of the countless health problems that our country faces, it is important that health professionals are at the forefront. AMHP estimates that there are more than 600,000 Muslims with physical and mental disabilities in the United States.

AMHP, an Islamic charity that focuses on the health of the community

To meet the needs of this section of the population, in 2014 AMHP launched a network to support this section of the community and meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of disabled Muslims and their families. This network is called “Enabled Muslim” and allows people to communicate actively with each other and share their information. In addition, members can help each other through joint actions and avoid isolation.

One of the major public health problems that AMHP has addressed in recent years is access to health care for uninsured American Muslims through a grassroots campaign called “Connecting Muslims to Discussion”.

The campaign was launched in 2015 to help American Muslims obtain health insurance coverage, and during the campaign, many mosques and community organizations signed up for insurance coverage. In 2015, the AMHP was one of 14 American Muslim organizations invited to a round table chaired by then-President Barack Obama and senior officials.

On this occasion, Delshad Di.Ali, an Enabled Muslim Adviser, received the White House Award in recognition of his efforts for the benefit of the disabled community.


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