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All3Media presents its innovations at LA Screenings together with its CEO for LatAm

All3Media presents its innovations at LA Screenings together with its CEO for LatAm

Yari Torres, CEO of Latin America at All3Media International, will attend the event to introduce the group’s latest productions, including novels and entertainment.

Independent distributor All3Media International plans to showcase various titles at this year’s LA shows with the new CEO of South American distributor, Yari Torres, who plans to hit the market and introduce them to customers across the region.

Torres said: “I am thrilled to represent All3Media International’s high quality multi-genre list at LA shows. It is incredibly exciting to bring this great and diverse line to customers and discover great international collaboration for our content. “

First, there are two contemporary thrillers, Witness number 3 y The thief, his wife and the canoeboth produced by the renowned team at Story Films. Witness number 3 is a suspenseful and creepy thriller that follows Jodie, a woman who is thrown into the front lines of a criminal war after she unknowingly witnesses a murder and finds herself in the middle of a struggle to end a horrific terror campaign for her silence.

Also from Story Films is the unknown true crime drama that has received a rating, The thief, his wife and the canoewhich tells the story of Anne and John Darwin, the couple who deceived the world, their family and friends after John forged his death to claim life insurance and avoid bankruptcy.

Torres said: “Story Films continues to produce absolutely compelling, high quality drama. Witness number 3 is a masterclass in creepy suspense. With a magnetic central performance by Nina Toussaint-White from The Feed, it will have an audience at the top with The thief, his wife and the canoe is an absolutely gripping drama that offers a fresh picture of the traditional true crime story. Led by a transformative performance from BAFTA winner Monica Dolan as Anne and Eddie Marsan as John, it is enlivened by Chris Lang’s captivating, humorous and intuitive script. “

All3Media International will also present the hilarious series The tourist, directed by Jamie Dornan and created by Emmy Award-winning producers Jack and Harry Williams. Dornan plays the role of “The Man”, a mysterious character who, after an epic chase game on the Australian outskirts, wakes up in a hospital wounded but alive and unaware of who he is. Forced to embark on an unexpected, brutal and often hilarious journey of self-discovery, he must uncover the secrets of his identity and be one step ahead of the people who try to kill him.

The glorious cast also includes Danielle Macdonald (Dumplin ‘, Amazing), Shalom Brune-Franklin (Line of Duty, Roadkill), Damon Herriman (Once… in Hollywood), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The missing, the Widow) and Alex Dimitriades (Total control, Scream). Another series has been ordered.

The fiction presentation also includes a six-episode thriller Near me, with Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman, Gladiator) and Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who, Thor: The Dark World). The series is based on Amanda Reynolds’ best-selling novel and follows Jo (Connie Nielsen), a woman who seems to have it all; beautiful home, loving husband and two grown children. But after an accident, Jo loses her memory and finds out that she has forgotten last year. With growing discomfort with her loved ones, she has to play detective in her own life and jigsaw together what really happened the night of the accident.

Torres said: “With catchy plots, clever narratives and the star power of Jamie Dornan, Connie Nielsen and Christopher Eccleston, audiences across the region will be captivated by these stunning thrillers.”

The distributor will also present an award-winning script format Shameless. Shameless, created by Company Pictures, accompanies the roller coaster of a growing, unconventional family living in a run-down residential neighborhood. As their divorced father has more children each year, this unique family unit must use intelligence, humor, and unique crimes to survive. Created by Emmy-winning screenwriter Paul Abbott, the format has been adapted to various regions, including the United States, where it lasted 11 seasons and won 4 Emmy Awards.

New to All3Media International’s unlisted list is Studio Ramsay’s Culinary Business Competition, Future Food Stars by Gordon Ramsay. World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is on the hunt for the most exciting and innovative food and beverage entrepreneurs and is ready to support the winner with a life-changing investment. Competitive entrepreneurs have high ambitions for their unique food ideas, including mussel popcorn, apple cider vinegar tonic, bottled Indian sauces and non-waste restaurants, but their success depends on how they handle 8+ weeks of extensive and massive cooking. – and physical challenges. From rock climbing, carrying hot meals 1,000 feet into the air, to looking for food to create a feast, who will have the ingredients to succeed, survive and work? Also available as a format, FOX has recently commissioned the series for US viewers.

“Audiences all over the area love Gordon Ramsay’s dramatic and hugely entertaining series and we are confident that this latest series will be a huge attraction for customers and their audience,” said Torres.

A number of new and proven formats are also available in the All3Media International catalog, including ShinAwil’s primetime family game show, Last singer standing, y Cash Cab, Multi-Emmy Award winner Lion TV, which gives viewers an unexpected opportunity to earn some money on their taxi ride.

Torres said: “From the perfect combination of talent and tactics Last singer standing, to the simple, attractive and cost-effective Cash Cab, These well-established and new formats offer a wide range of fun, family-friendly and easy-to-adapt products for buyers in the area. “

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