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Tired of having her spare tire stolen, she decided to leave the car unlocked and put up a sign

Facing the uncontrollable wave of uncertainty that destroys Córdoba, the wits of the victims have sharpened to scare the thieves: such is the case of Mabel, a woman who lives in the neighborhood of Los Naranjos in the capital, who is fed up with being robbed the help tire of his car, left an unpublished sign for the criminals: “Open, no help.”

After the tire was stolen six times, resulting in the windows of her Citroën C3 being smashed, the woman decided to run off with a spare wheel, leave the car unlocked, without an alarm and put the sign on the passenger side, so that the thieves know they have nothing to steal from you.

.“I put the poster up because I got tired of them breaking my windows and asking for help. The first two times they took two rubber bands. I don’t leave anything inside the car, and with that little sign they don’t break my glass,” Mabel told El Doce.

The victim revealed that her car is now unlocked, always open: “I leave it without keys, you come and anyone can open it. And without help it is for them to verify that the help is not there. If I leave it closed, they break the glass”, said the neighbor.

Mabel suggested that drivers would do what she does, to be quieter.  Photo: captured by The Twelve
Mabel suggested that drivers would do what she does, to be quieter. Photo: captured by The Twelve

Six robberies in a short time:

According to Mabel, in recent years he has been the victim of a similar robbery six times. He said they kidnapped him in aid “in Parque Sarmiento, in Nueva Córdoba, around Carbó, here in the neighborhood twice and also on Route 20”.

“In the insurance, my face fell in shame because they must think that the tires are leaking on me. I asked them to provide a solution and they replied ‘no matter what you do, they are going to steal it anyway,'” the woman said.

According to Mabel, the people who attended her at the insurance company told her that the Citroën C3, the Peugeot 208 and the 308 are easy targets for criminals because they have a very simple trunk opening system: “They break this vent to the side, they reach in and unlock all the doors, including the trunk. The trunk has no key. It’s easy for them.”

Finally, the woman said that when a tire is punctured, the healthiest thing is to “take a taxi, come to my house to get help and take it,” and she said: “The recommendation is “I don’t have to put up the little sign, don’t wear tires, not even those ugly ones that are useless, and leave the car unlocked,” said the victim.

Mabel showed that she doesn't have a spare wheel.  Photo: Capture of the Twelve
Mabel showed that she doesn’t have a spare wheel. Photo: Capture of the Twelve

Source: The Twelve

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