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His car was stolen, the insurance lent him another and they disarmed him

Isidro Casanova’s neighbor’s car was stolen and he managed to get a new one from the insurance, but a group of criminals smashed the second vehicle at the door of his house. Between one event and another, no more than two weeks had passed.

The victim, named Miguel, said that the first vehicle was stolen on July 19, at the hands of armed criminals, when he was with his daughter at the door of his house. Because of this, he filed a complaint at the Isidro Casanova District Police Station No. 5 and the insurance company rented him another temporary vehicle until the final car was available. But, on August 2, a group of criminals stole the car he was renting.

Regarding this last act of insecurity, Miguel revealed: “On Saturday they gave me the car and at dawn on Tuesday my wife heard a noise on the side. When we looked out the window, we saw that three people there. jets“. In total, three wheels were removed from the car “because they didn’t come in time to find the missing one.” “I had to make the complaint again and start all the paperwork again,” he lamented, indignant.

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