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Bill tries to limit the price of car insurance

July 13. 2022 – 23:30 hours.

What happened?

Bill looks amend the Commercial Code to regulate the car insurance market. This is for purpose prevent possible abuse based on the fear of the insured, within a sector of increasing importance in the national economy.

In detail, the project proposes: “The premium that corresponds to new car insurance they may not, in any case, exceed 1% of the commercial value of the insured vehiclein accordance with the information provided by the contracting party”.

This initiative was proposed by the Christian Democratic Party, joanna perez.

The growing automotive sector

According to the proposal, the automotive section It has grown significantly in recent years, becoming increasingly relevant to the economy.

At the same time, this sector generates additional consequences that “is not always well controlled ensure the rights and safety of people in the best possible way”.

This is how the first attempt to create regulation was made in 1986 Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (SOAP) through Law No. 18,490, which covers the risks of death and injury against third parties, the car insurance market has grown over time.

Car Insurance Market

Car insurance mainly refers to the replacement or repair of vehicles in cases of accidents or theft. Despite the fact that it is not mandatory, it has more and more subscribers, coming to represent a permanent cost to people.

According to the figures provided in the project, the number of light and medium vehicles in Chile would be close to 5.5 million units closing this year, which is accompanied by a permanent increase in demand. in the year 2021 1,688 people died in 80,751 accidents according to Carabineros.

The IS Urban region concentrated near the 43% of the light and medium vehicle fleet. After that the regions of Valparaiso, Maule and O’Higgins, with 9.6%, 6% and 5.2%, respectively. As a result of this, along with the increase in sales of first-hand and second-hand vehicles in recent years, car insurance prices have increased in a shrinking market of insurance companies.

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