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AMIS calls for ‘law’ to fall on uninsured drivers – El Financiero

In Mexico, only three out of every 10 cars protection insurancelow figure if one takes that into account it is mandatory to have one. This violation is due to the fact that “norm without claws”, that is, without any fines or consequences for drivers, Juan Patricio Riveroll, president of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), criticized.

“It simply came to our notice then sort of pressure for drivers, it is more convenient for them to have insurance than to pay a fine every third day, as happens with the verification of the units ”, he said during the update of the Car Insurance Simulator.

Cut to April this year, of the 34 million 602 thousand 522 vehicles in circulation, 23.2 million are uninsured and 11.4 million had a defense policy.

In the light of this case, the president of AMIS argued that the policy requirement could be a secondary issue for the authorities because they have no practical way of claiming it, as the driver can simply say. it does not take when requested.

For this reason, they have provided up – to – date insurance information through the association’s official website so that the authorities can verify that the policy presented by a driver is valid, but, of course, “if there is no sanction”, d ‘he reiterated. .

It is worth noting that, on average, car insurance costs 5,500 pesos and there are currently 25 insurers offering this policy.

AMIS presents the Car Insurance Simulator

In this context, AMIS, in conjunction with the National Commission for the Protection and Safeguarding of Financial Services Users (Condusef), redesigned and optimized the Motor Insurance Simulator for private use vehicles with five insurers, in the first phase: ANA, Zurich Santander, Banorte, Quálitas and General de Seguros.

This tool contains information for consultation on four thousand 229 car brands manufactured or imported by 42 assemblers covering models from 2003 to 2022. The update allows the cost of car insurance to be known and compared for covers of: civil liability, limited and broad.

In this regard, Oscar Rosado, president of Condusef, stressed that the incoming companies had the technological capability to connect with the “checker”, but in the second stage. Five more will be added.

He asserted that this measure helps to avoid recourse to complaints before the dependence he commands, because people stay informed and make smarter decisions. In addition, it encourages competition, because people have more and better data to insure their car and “avoids the bad idea of ​​what is required.”

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