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Strategies to Improve Planet Future | Funds and plans

Among the funds that benefit most from climate change Highlights DWS Invest ESG Climate Tech, lIt was launched three years ago and achieved the best return of the season with almost 85% increase. The museums are mainly composed of companies related to renewable energy, water scarcity management or sustainable transport.

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EUR 690,000 million of annual investment in renewable energy is expected by 2050. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that current annual investment in renewable energy will have to triple to reach that level within three decades. In this way, it is possible to achieve the right carbon emissions and climate goals.

Pictet-Clean Energy diversifies between developed and emerging countries. The Schroder ISF Global Climate Change Equity ideology “has not changed”. BNP Paribas Climate is above all technology, industry and materials. Mirova Europe The world of the environment is made up of European values.

The Spanish investor is increasingly attracted to environmental issues. Retail investment in our country has increased by 21%.

Spanish executives around the world are looking for the best opportunities. Equity funds focus on equities in the United States and Europe. The museums contain medium-sized and small companies. Green funds “invest primarily in the shares of companies where their products or services contribute to a cleaner environment,” says Morningstar. Iberdrola is one of the most prominent companies among the executives. Investment plans give more weight to industry and technology.

New funds focusing on agriculture and water management are emerging. They take advantage of the potential of companies that provide solutions. We have eleven examples of the positive effects of our investments.

In addition interview with Miriam Fernandez, Managing Director of the Ibercaja Sustainable and Solidarity Pension Fund which affirms that “sustainability is not goodness, it pays off”. “We would not be managing these funds if we did not believe that adding to these criteria adds value and value, for us, is to deliver a higher return than the competition,” he adds. Regarding fixed income, they consider that “we have not entered the Spanish green bond because” it did not seem particularly attractive to us “. just corporate bonds, because “now money is lost by investing in governments”.

Interest in green bonds is maturing among investors. Forecasts point to an issuance record in 2021. 47% of the Spanish government bond was purchased by pension funds and insurers. Methods that combine green debt and transformation debt are growing. Fixed-income funds against climate change are available to individuals.

In pension funds, the offer remains in the minority. Only 21% of investors request green products Spain allocates 10.5% of GDP, compared to 63.5% in the OECD.

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