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Binance “unknowingly” generates 9.5 million Stellar (XLM) and distributes them in Airdrop

No, you did not read the misleading title, Binance is to distribute $ 800,000 worth of Stellar Lumens. These XLMs come from a stacking “Involuntary”, but very unhappy, with the famous crypto-exchange.

Story of stacking gone unnoticed

This unusual story begins in August 2018, When Binance decide to take into account the recommendations of the project team star, modify certain parameters for both hot wallet and cold wallet.

But of course Binance was not aware gains in stacking who would bring these suggestions to him.

We first remember that Stellar is a network Proof of Bet (proof of the question), and that the stacking In particular, it is about rewarding cryptocurrency owners who leave their cryptocurrencies in their wallets without moving them (“implemented them” to strengthen the network’s consensus).

Binance explains on his blog after “found out”, last week, that this is stacking it would have been generated 9,500,000 XLM on her wallet, in just under a year.

XLM General Tour!

After this unexpected and obvious discovery, Changpeng Zhao’s exchange decided:

  • offer its users with XLM take advantage of this stacking in the future ;
  • oh distribute the 9.5 million XLM generated from August 2018 through airdrop, that shows 800 000 dollars during today.

It is enough to have at least 10 XLM ($ 0.84) on Binance to take advantage of the stacking and from here Airdrop. They will begin to be included from this Saturday 20 July, with a first distribution on September 1st. This first distribution will correspond to “10 to 12 months” (understand 10 to 12 times) the reward stacking normal.

Surprisingly, Binance seems to suddenly realize these gains of it stacking, and some people quickly thought that the exchange had not accumulated this mass of XLM without the knowledge of its users, before finally changing their minds and sharing the loot.

But Binance already transparently distributes cryptocurrencies that generate this type of revenue. Have it NEO, Ontology (ONT) or Vechain (VET), the platform believes them to their owners.

Whether the “discovery” is sincere or not, this distribution is huge Airdrop Binance is real, well my fault!

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