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Polkadot – Accelerates the development of the blockchain network

The Polkadot project in the blockchain universe is a UFO. This is because its operating system offers an innovative formula that aims to be as adaptable as possible. It is a bold bet in an area where communication between chains remains complex. Even if there is no doubt it will be the main challenge facing this technology in the years to come. A revolution that is underway and has just reached a new milestone with the successful integration of its first parachute sold at auction.

Interoperability in the field of blockchain technology is unquestionable one of the major problems before adoption. Logic makes closing a key guarantee for the security of its network. But that severely restricts the essential exchanges we call multiple chains at the same time. What makes this development one of the developments that is currently being closely watched. And domains containing the Polkadot Project (DOT) It has been a major competitor since its mainstay was established in May last year.

A a technology requirement that made the Chainlink (LINK) project a success a few months ago. This is thanks to its oracle solution that allows integration of external data into the blockchain and in real time. Development presented in January 2020 as the tool for Defi’s success. Sin at a time when the price of its LINK was still below the $ 2 mark. And just before it exploded over 1000% to reach $ 27 today at the time of writing. An area that looks optimistic …

The success of the Polkadot network

And even if Polkadot network there’s little to do with the Chainlink project, there’s something similar to their development. This is because The answer they give makes it possible to consider the development of the blockchain universe and cryptocurrencies in a whole new way. All supported by functionally similar technology and clearly existing communities. Here though it took almost three years to develop Polkadot’s mains, following the publication of its white paper in… 2017.

A distance that may seem like an eternity in the world of cryptocurrencies. But how good it looks the image of it is a sign of seriousness Cardal son homologue (ADA). Another blockchain project that took its time getting off the ground and is currently exploding. Which makes these two players in the crypto scene the new stars of the current top 10. And of Polkadot is one of the 5 flagship projects in the field of the evolution of this technology.

Polkadot - The blockchain network continues to grow

Because of what offers Polkadot is not just a network of new venues and umpteenth other venues to be ranked Killers Ethereum. This is a system based on the parachains principle. And who presents himself as someone who can “spread any kind of data on any kind of blockchain. This is thanks to the establishment of parallel networks that “share the security of the entire Polkadot network and allow communication with other parachutes. »

Acala Network integrates Polkadot network

And in the domain of parachain, a new step has just been taken a few days ago. This is with Acala Network network integration. This one as the first player in this ecosystem to win this status after an auction. A procedure that falls within the limited number of places available limited to one hundred. And that complements the so – called “common good” parades named by Polkadot project community.

« Acala won the first parachute auction on the Rococo Polkadot test network. And now Acala is the first such public slot on this network. »- Acala Network

Acala Network parachain of Polkadot

A major step forward that allows the Polkadot project continue its continuous development. And that is in line with his desire “sharding. “A a technique which is to increase the adaptability of its network (scalability). This is due to the separation of the data held on several separate entities, in order to distribute the burden.

But also an important opportunity for an Acala Network project that presents itself as a DeFi nerve center Leagan polkadot. The latter is considering setting upa stablecoin with dollar support committed to this ecosystem under construction.

The Polkamon NFT Project

And the wealth of projects that emerge in this Polkadot environment is a reflection of its development. An innovative and updated formula by prince des Initial Motion DEX (IDO). ICO-type addresses carried by the Polkastarter site (POLS) that centralize their management. And who has just unveiled a brand new project called Polcamon.


Sort of a dedicated platform for managing collectible NFT signals. A recently born and recommended project egg demand participate in the lottery in connection with its launch. The second may be one of 80 unique characters in the likeness of dragons. A procedure that costs only the price of gas charges (about $ 9) and yes more than 111,000 had already registered. All this to be completed in less than 24 hours.

Innovative DEX Initial Motion

Which will lead to A rather unusual DEX (IDO) Initial Offer scheduled for March 31st. Because this token sale will only be accessible to the lucky holders of these 80 dragons. And during a period of 24 hours eggs will remain closed negotiable unknowingly. This is due to the amount of PMON signals they eventually show.

« In addition, by hitting the Baby Dragon NFTs ahead of the IDO date we are introducing an unprecedented unique dynamic. NFTs, and their Polkastarter allocations with them, can actually be traded ahead of the time we take a picture of the Baby Dragon holder at 7:00 UTC on March 31st. For a short time, Baby Dragons will trade as NFT front tokens against $ PMON tokens performance. We can’t wait to see what happens! »- Polcamon

Of course, this project is very recent and it is not known whether or not it will be profitable to participate in this launch. But it enables the current madness of the NFT signal market with the success of the Polkadot network. All for investment that remains a minimal a priori. And a dynamic presented by the Polkamon team is to “win support from hardcore NFT collectors and altcoin traders. »

To be continued…

This article is about cryptocurrency news. It is not financial investment advice. No investment in the field should exceed what one can lose. And any post must be accompanied by personal research and cross-referencing a number of sources before sending it. DYOR!

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