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Virginia Serantes: Haute Couture Charm

How did the evolution of haute couture develop in Argentina in these years of change?

The fashion trends in brides and 15 years during my years as a designer were tinted from the catwalks of Europe for a long time. With the entrance of social networks, we all had an explosion of images with creations from the most distant places that we could imagine. That brought an abysmal increase in new shapes and colors.

Argentine women are recognized for their good taste in clothing, but the world stopped with the pandemic and the parties with it, with this we all rethink the importance of life, the ephemerality of time and, above all, seek to be happy every day. This impacted bridal and 15-year fashion.

Some people who previously thought of making a simple dress discovered the importance of celebrating, enjoying and indulging in a party with all the desired details. As the opposite also happened, those who wanted a party full of luxuries discovered that sometimes the only thing that matters is being with those they love and celebrating with them.

With this new vision, what trend stands out in 2022?

The dresses in this 2022 are characterized by the use of top quality fabrics.

Brides who want to look sexy and elegant on their day opt for skirts that are fitted at the hips and wide at the bottom, in crepe, Italian satin or satin and without any type of lace. In the upper parts is where the magic happens, strategic transparencies, sleeves, striking backs and hand embroidery.

More traditional brides, as I explained in the previous trend, transparencies are the protagonists in this 2022, they are made in a much more subtle way, corsets that simulate transparencies, French lace with crystals, “A” cut skirts or wide skirts made with tulle silk that give an ethereal image to the bride, detachable layers as a train, dresses that have lace both on the top and on the skirt.

As for your designs for 15 years, what is your distinctive?

The girls turning 15 years old added the look of dresses for reception with draped skirts in muslin, slits showing the legs, necklines and bare backs. At their party, they make a statement, showing that they are leaving childhood behind, to make room for the woman they have become.

A lot of shine is added to the main dresses of the party, both in fabrics such as tulle, such as hand-embroidered crystals, fuller skirts and lots of flare.

The most chosen colors for both bride and 15-year-olds this year are white, natural and champagne.

As you can see, we live in a beautiful moment where the trend is no longer the catwalk, but the expression of the personality of each woman.

Contact information:

WhatsApp: 1130560354

Instagram: @encanto.alta.costura.pompeya

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Av. Sáenz 1169, Local 78, Pompeya, CABA, Argentina


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