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Under the Cerro Uritorco there would be an underground city from another dimension

It is located in the north of the Punilla Valley, in Capilla del Monte and is 1979 meters high. Its main characteristic is linked to its structure because it is a hill formed by faulted and ascended Paleozoic blocks. Some experts believe that it is a geological fault.

However, it also hides a story. Legend has it that, under the Uritorco, is the city of erks, an ethereal city from another dimension. Although its existence could never be verified, both tourists and inhabitants of the province affirmed on more than one occasion that they had seen lights and “ships” similar to those of the extraterrestrials in the place.

In 1986, the local government released images where objects that looked like UFOs could be seen from afar. At that moment, it was where the theory took much more strength. In addition, according to the myth, these species are sheltered in place planning what human evolution will be like.


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