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The great teaching dilemma in a convulsed context

“Look, do you know what’s going on? I send my children to school so that they learn, not so that the teacher walks around doing unemployment”, said the man while cutting some steaks on the counter board. His phrase, sharper than the knife he was holding, soon echoed in the neighborhood butcher shop like a hurtful dart. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m not going to buy anything here,” a client turned around and, without saying more, made it clear that she was defending her to the educators’ sector. “It was obvious that it was teacher“said another woman.

The sequence illustrated in those short minutes the many times biased reading that, from some sectors, is maintained regarding the work teacher. It is that far from any generalization, that sector that today claims to be able to pay for their children’s food, taxes and rent, is nothing more than a multitude of people who were formed, nothing less, than to teach generations of children, girls and adolescents in knowledge that they will need for their entire lives. It is they who, after all, are in charge of imparting knowledge, setting content, correcting errors and encouraging new achievements. They are in charge of education of those who in just a few years will be in charge of the decisions.

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