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Agenda of theatrical recommendations for May 14 and 15

The Uncover culture closes one more week with a recharged edition of the recommended cultural agendas, with theatrical proposals for all tastes and audiences.

Little Pamela. Directed by Mariana Chaud.

Synopsis: the sewage pipe throws an ethereal waterfall of sewage. It is the limit of two worlds: a marginal one and a fantastic underworld. This tragedy is based on heartbreak, misunderstanding and violence. Pamela loves Ájax, who is after an impossible love through sordid murders; Ajax’s minions betray and are betrayed. A cumbianchera cyclops, the ghost of the gay uncle and the choir oscillate between being inside and outside the plot and death. In this proto-mythological universe, the delirious is twinned with the telluric and classicism crossed by the villero; All this brings us closer to thinking about the complex contemporary human relationships.

Critical comment: Little Pamela it is a rare work. It generates questions when leaving the theater and has a narrative search that aims to make the viewer uncomfortable, although the conflictive axis of the plot is not as well developed. Even so, Mariana Chaud’s staging generates -at times- a distressing and captivating atmosphere, which fits her perfectly. In the construction of the protagonists there are potholes of deepening in the plots, something that does not prevent pleasant enjoyment, but it does feel like a task to polish (even more so considering the strong dramatic character of the story). A separate sentence deserves Lalo Rotavería, who plays a ghostly gay guy. He is, in the subjective opinion of the writer, the best constructed character: tender, sweet and with outstanding acting nuances.

Our opinion: good.

With performances from Thursday to Sunday, 8:00 p.m., at the Teatro Sarmiento (Av. Sarmiento 2715).

Last. Written by Federico Ali. Direction: Paula Ransenberg

Synopsis: a group of friends faces a tremendous dilemma unleashed by the drastic action of one of them. We are in the year 2026 and there is the possibility of modifying only one decision from the past through a mechanism. The problem is that going back can make things much worse: in that group there were lies and dark situations that will clearly complicate… The present?

Critical comment: with frenetic rhythm of tragicomedy, Last bet on science fiction and wins. The plot of the friends who travel to the past is a great screen to talk about what is truly thoughtful (and terrifying) that the staging poses: how much and how does technology condition our lives? Federico Ali’s work works the same as a chapter of BlackMirror: it is damned addictive, it generates a bittersweet taste at the end and it is supported by four good actors, who display a histrionics that is not annoying at all. She is small and promises more than meets the eye. A surprise.

Our opinion: very good.

With performances on Fridays at 10:30 p.m. at No Avestruz (Humboldt 1857, Caba)

Polyxylonate. Written and directed by David Ángel Gudiño

Synopsis: like a girl going with her little fingers to the plug Sofi is determined to have plastic surgery that will change her life. Will her best friend leave her?

Critical comment: for a comedy of these characteristics and dimensions (it is a micro-theater, works of approximately 15 minutes) the greatest agility and spark possible are necessary to sustain the story and to condense a problem in such a short time. In the case of Polyxylonate the key lies in the good chemistry between Verónica Mayorga and Celina Silveyra, the leading duo. The friends get sparks and generate a very enjoyable complicity. That is felt and moved to the attendees. For a story with development potential, 15 minutes is a short development time. Despite the rules imposed by the micro genre, the results are genuinely good.

Our opinion: good.

With shows on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 10:40 p.m., 11:10 p.m., 11:40 p.m., 12:10 a.m. and 12:40 a.m. (extra show on Saturdays) at the Microteatro (Serrano 1139, Caba)

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