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The pharmacists of Huelva emphasize their work for the health of the population from different areas of professional activity

On the occasion of International Day for their profession, which is celebrated this Sunday, pharmacists from Huelva want to draw attention to the work they do to promote a healthier world, and they do so united from the multiple areas in which they practice their profession. Along with the motto Pharmaceuticals, united for a healthier worldarranged by the International Federation of Pharmacy for the event, the Spanish pharmacy wanted to reinforce the message with the legend All for onewho want to highlight that all pharmacists aim to take care of the health of any: the patient.

it is commitment It was also reflected in the institutional declaration made by the Spanish pharmacy and the whole world at a ceremony held this week in the Parliament of Andalusia – on the occasion of the world and national conferences of the profession that took place in Seville – , which the president of the College of Pharmacists of Huelva, Jorge Juan García Maestre, a member of which, and whose profession wanted to renew its profession in public health and social service, as well as the commitment to work for health and social service. the interest of citizenship.

“The slogan chosen to celebrate the world day of our profession this year emphasizes the mission of we share all chemists must work together, from many areas of activity, for one purpose: the health and well-being of patients. An objective of the entire profession and a reliable expression of their dedication, commitment and commitment to the service”, García Maestre emphasized.

On the occasion of this world day, the president and secretary of the College of Pharmacists of Huelva, Inmaculada Rite, had a meeting with the regional delegate for Health and Consumption of the Junta de Andalucía, Manuela Caro, with whom they discussed the work done by the pharmaceutical profession . The Association’s representation reiterated its offer to the delegate so that pharmacists can take an active part in prevention and health promotion initiatives that have a positive impact on the population of Huelva. “We are the connection of the health chain closest to citizenship. Because of training, how close the time is available, we are an open resource to add everything we can and add to the rest of the health system”, emphasized García Maestre.

Huelva’s collegiate pharmacists develop theirs care work in multiple fields, each related to health: community pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, clinical analysts, public health, pharmaceutical industry and distribution, optics and acoustics, food, dermatology, orthopedics or teaching; each and every person works for the patient and for the patient.

It is in the province of Huelva more than 880 registered pharmacists, with an average age of 48.9 years and of which 64.8% are women. The vast majority of active pharmacists work in community pharmacy and other professional areas such as Clinical Analysis, Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacy stand out mainly due to the number of members.

I Huelva there are 251 community pharmacies, of which 74 (29.5%) are located in the provincial capital. In Huelva there is one pharmacy for every 2,089 inhabitants, far from countries like Denmark, with more than 12,000 inhabitants, and the Netherlands with 6,000, which allows pharmacies to be the closest and most accessible health resource and, in part most, guarantee a very personal treatment.

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