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The emeritense tells the story of the international brigades

Miguel de Lucas with his book in the cemetery. / WHITE ANGEL

Journalist Miguel de Lucas writes his first book to preserve the memory of the volunteers of the Civil War

Gerda Taro, Dolores Ibarruri or George Orwell are well known for their photographs, their books or their political adventures. What most do not know is that they were part of the International Brigades that fought in the Civil War. Therefore, the journalist and teacher from Mérida Miguel de Lucas, guided by his desire to transmit memory, published his first book ‘Sois historia. You are a legend’ where he collects the experiences of young people who fought in a war that was not their own, following the dictates of morality.

This book has been written by De Lucas, who worked for several summers in the TODAY newsroom in Mérida, because he is passionate about history, and because his need to expand the memory of his ancestors has increased since his arrival in his father. “When you have a child you realize that you are one more link in a very big chain and that the experiences you have or were told in time are lost,” he declares.

To save these experiences from disappearing, Lucas has written a book in which he tells, in 94 pages, the stories of some of the soldiers who were part of the International Brigades since the war began in 1936.

The book was designed in the form of a story, so that your child will know this part of history when he grows up, he reviews “the horrors and wonders of the last century.” And he speaks of a generation that “established a more international army than in the time of the Crusades.”


This book is also a way to keep a memory and pass it on to future generations “What I heard from my father is the person I raised.”

Each chapter of the book begins with a photograph to give additional context to what the pages say. The most complicated thing for him is to synthesize all the information on this matter, “there were about 35,000 brigade members at the front,” he says.

This book also shows the importance of “not idealizing war and knowing how to separate truth from propaganda”, which becomes more important with the conflicts that occur.

Although the author points out that “there are significant differences between the Civil War and the current Ukraine War, he says that he will also find parallels in symbols and myths.”

With this book he wants to “generate conversations, so that you close it and you approach your father to ask him questions about those memories that should not be lost.” And this is what De Lucas wants to happen in the presentation of ‘Sois Historia. You are a legend’ which will take place on the 17th of September at the ‘La Selva Inside’ bookshop.

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