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La Jornada – Peasants from Guerrero deny that their production has doubled

Chilpancingo, Gro. Ejidal Coordination spokesman and Guerrero Collective Commissioners Arturo García Jiménez denied that cereal production in the state has doubled in one year “they are persuading President Andrés Manuel López Obrador they are aware of the reality of rural Guerrero. ”

In a telephone interview, the coastal peasant leader said: “We have data, and President López Obrador was given incorrect data, he said that in Guerrero corn production is from year to year; If we compare the year 2020 to 2021, the increase was 2.3 per cent, which is double the amount. ”

He recalled that the agricultural boundary in Guerrero, for 20 years, is 500,000 hectares, “and in that period it did not grow, on the contrary it decreased, due to issues of erosion, compaction, plot abandonment; but the problem is that the statistics are wrong ”.

Statistics state that one million 500 thousand tonnes (corn) is harvested; and an organization like Mexican Food Security (Segalmex) can’t even collect 70,000 tonnes, because there is no corn, because there is no production. ”

He therefore argued that when the president (López Obrador) means that the people from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sader), the Agri – Food and Fisheries Information Service (Siap), let him know too. wrong; the issue suggests that the statistics are completely falsified ”.

The problem with this information manipulation is that “they give an original flaw, and today do not know how to handle it, because if you go to the pages of that dependency where the information was downloaded, it is only to the 2020, but not for 2021 and 2022; the fact of the matter is that the information is wrong ”.

García Jiménez pointed out that it is possible to improve cereal production as suggested by President López Obrador “The problem is that people continue to think that only fertilizer can be obtained, but here is just input; it is part of the chain, which needs to be addressed as a whole, starting with technical assistance, improved seeds, adequate fertilizer, because it is not the same formula for the whole territory of Guerrero, because the soils are different ”.

Another problem is that there is no financing “as well as the fact that there is no market, which is not insured; That’s why the chain as a whole has to be addressed, nothing will happen, these dependencies only think with the input, magically increase magically ”.

President López Obrador speaks of self-sufficiency “that is good, but all the links in the chain we have mentioned need to be addressed; and in the case of Guerrero, the weakest link is adequate nutrition, what is done is useful, but in the long run the toxins will increase, because the soil is very weak ”.

Another very important issue is the seed “but the problem is that they are managed by transnational companies; here at the National Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Research (Inifap), here it does not do its homework because it has to produce improved seeds, with native corn, but it does not work in that part. At present a 20 kilogram bag costs something like 3,200 pesos to plant one hectare, and the cost, apart from fertilizer, is 4,200 pesos of pure input. ”

“To have our seeds, prices need to be cut by half or less, the price per sack should be 1,200 pesos, not 3,200 pesos, if not everything is addressed in its entirety, this will not improve , but it demands the government. support and advice, with softer funding ”, he said.

García Jiménez also said that SIAP is the SADER area in charge of statistics for evaluation and planning purposes “but it has just fallen apart as a result of the President ‘s statements this morning, confirming a doubling of corn production. from year to year. For SIAP, the S / S (spring-summer) cycle closes in March each year and the final production data was as follows: 1,452,653.86 tonnes in 506,274.14 hectares harvested (2021); and 1,419,308.61 tonnes, in 494,235.10 hectares harvested (2020), the hectares concerned are not estimated.

The difference, I clarify, is “there are only 33,345.25, which equates to an increase of 2.35% year on year. But when the SIAP platform for Guerrero is reviewed, the data for 2021 disappears, and those for 2020 are modified, still as follows: it seems to have an area of ​​326, 112 hectares. with a production of 888,460, which implies a 2.7 tonne-hectare yield, which is closer to reality, but represents a 40% reduction in the statistics that do not know how to explain it ”.

Reviewing state consumption “we have the following inference data: 542.8 thousand tonnes, corresponding to human consumption of the state; 205.08 with animal consumption; and 72.4 for storage losses. The state’s consumption then amounts to 820,329.83 tonnes, very close to the new SIAP data or rather a difference of 68,130.17, which is by the way close to the 70 thousand tonnes collected by Segalmex which is why they complain that there is none. corn for collection ”.

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