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“With inflation between 80% and 100%, it is safer to have bitcoin than pesos” – Unidiversidad

“With inflation between 80% and 100%, it is safer to have bitcoin than pesos” – Unidiversidad

This was mentioned in #ChatEconomic by Adrián Acevedo, professor at the UNCUYO Faculty of Economic Sciences and expert in Corporate Finance. He talked about the relationship between Argentina and Argentina with cryptocurrencies.

I Argentinalike the world, the cryptocurrencies Their popularity increases as they gain prominence in the daily lives of those looking to save without limits or traps. However, becoming an easy and accessible market to invest in can be a much more complicated process. That is why #EconomicDiscussion interview on the professor at UNCUYO’s Faculty of Economic Sciences and expert in Corporate Finance, Adrián Acevedoexplained the world cryptocurrencies: what they are, how to invest and what is the relationship of Argentina with virtual currency.

“From the macro point of view, the idea is basically to try to make money. So the motivation for people to want to invest in the crypto world is to protect themselves from the inflation that affects them. There are several ways, both legal and illegal, to transfer pesos to cryptocurrencies. That can be generated through platforms through transfers to pass it on to cryptocurrencies,” he said.

In Argentina, the expert explained, buying cryptocurrencies is completely legal and these are recognized as personal assets.

“They are not recognized as money but as a commodity, when someone buys it, it is a record of the purchase of the commodity or goods. Although there are unlimited cryptocurrencies, the person who makes this buying activity must know what they are doing, know the profile of the cryptocurrencies, if they have any kind of support, if it is a project with emissions unlimited or finite by him. and also understand that volatility. There are cryptocurrencies that are always adjusted to one dollar and others that fluctuate. That’s why it’s important to understand what you’re buying,” he explained.

Regarding the current situation in the crypto world, Acevedo said that the trend is increasing over the months in the country. This is because of the current economic paradox. “Today we are in the process of adopting cryptocurrency, but in a much slower way, because of the economic paradox in which we live. In the event that there is inflation that goes from 80% to 100%, it is safer to have bitcoin than Argentine pesos”, he emphasized.

For the world, there are cryptocurrencies in what economists call ‘Bear Market’.

“For a long time now, the world of finance has been reporting this price rise because of this massive emission of money from many countries that flooded the assets, the stock markets and others. Over the days, that peak has decreased and is found in normal average values ​​or in relation to the times that the globe moves economically. Although as we said before, the situation is a little more complicated”, he concluded.

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