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Marcelo Claure, Rosario Paz, Ximena Behoteguy and Jorge Lopez, stand out among the.

This second edition of The 500 of Latin America highlights the list of people who move business, the economy and finance in the region, as well as those who create relevant initiatives in their various fields.

“Four Bolivian businessmen made the Bloomberg Line list, standing out mainly for their contributions to the corporate and financial world of Bolivia, whose economy grew by 8.7% in the first half of the year with a strong boost from mining, construction, transport and storage. and hydrocarbons”, says the report.

Marcelo Claure

After going through SoftBank, where he became COO and left after a disagreement with the founder, Masayoshi Son, Marcelo Claure is preparing his new step: managing his ‘family office’ with resources of $2,000 million on his minimum. With the experience of participating in several revolutions (mobile phones with Sprint, collaborating with WeWork, and entrepreneurship with SoftBank), Claure says that the Claure Group analyzes the sectors in which it will invest, especially in Latin American startups.

Maria del Rosario Paz Gutierrez

He accepted the executive presidency of Farmacias Corporativas SA in 2000. Since then, he has led the transformation of the family business into a modern corporation, with a purpose and dedicated to retail, with more than 200 stores in operation at the Farmacorp, Dr. Osvaldo. and Amarket. Today she is considered to be the leader with the greatest business reputation in Bolivia and is widely recognized for her contribution to the development of private initiatives and entrepreneurship in her country.

Ximena Behoteguy

Since April 2012, this specialist in business law and corporate governance has been president of the Board of Directors of Banco FIE, being the first woman to hold this position in the Bolivian financial system. She is also Executive President of OSC FIE, Vice President of CONFIE Latin America SRL, Founder of the Magenta FIE Collective through which she is an activist for gender equality and women’s rights; founder and Director of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bolivia (CAMEBOL) La Paz branch, leader of the United Nations Women’s Gender Table 5, and is part of the WOMEN CAINCO Leadership Program (CAINCO Women’s Leadership Network) aimed at women entrepreneurs who allow exchange of experiences and mentoring.

Jorge Lopez Lafuente

Jorge López is a veteran of Silicon Valley and decided to undertake one of the most relevant software production projects in the region in Cochabamba and turn Bolivia into a hub for computer development. So, he founded Jalasoft with only six engineers, a company he founded himself first in Bolivia, and which is growing in Latin America. Today, the company has more than a thousand employees dedicated to software development and is part of the Jala Group, of which Jorge is the founder and president. Over the past 20 years, Jorge has developed recommendations that promote education in the region. Among them, a scholarship system stands out, called Fundación del Saber, which works hand in hand with Jala University, an online university focused on technology and innovation development to increase intellectual capital in the region.

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