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The roof of a school in La Plata collapsed while the students were in class

The roof of a school in La Plata collapsed while the students were in class

Secondary No.
Secondary School No. “La Legion” of La Plata

The roof of a school in La Plata collapsed yesterday while the students were in class. Secondary school No. 2 “La Legión”, located on the corner of 12 and 60. Despite the tension, no students or teachers were injured.

Sources from the General Directorate of Culture and Education of Buenos Aires (DGCyE) confirmed that there were no injuries beyond the fact that the ceiling fragment fell while the boys were in the classroom. According to the institute, the outage was the result of a water leak that was denied some time ago.

“There was a masonry break on a wall above the ceiling of the classroom on the top floor, which caused two removable plates to break and fall near the entrance door of the classroom,” they explained in the portfolio. When the problem was discovered, they say, personnel from the Infrastructure Undersecretary went to the school and did the corresponding inspection.

“During school hours the roof of the sixth form one collapsed. We all ran because of the shock and the explosion, which was added to the dust. Before he fell, there was nothing to hear,” described one of the school’s authorities in an interview with him 221 Radio.

The convent that fell in the school classroom
The convent that fell in the school classroom

The same manager said that “If a piece fell on top of a boy, it would kill him”. “It already happened in another room, the same at the beginning of the year. We didn’t have answers to fix it. Next week they will come to fix it and we will give classes in the patio”, he said.

Said Nicolás Morzone, president of the School Council Infobae that it was a “a small part of the freemasonry was cut off”. “Technically it was not a landslide. Since yesterday we are working on putting the relevant plates on the ceiling and students from above, from the ceiling so that the inconvenience does not repeat itself, “he said.

Morzone, who took office at the end of 2021, said that this incident explains the gas problems that occurred in La Plata schools and other areas of Buenos Aires a few years ago. “with years of disinvestment” what happened in education. “This year we carried out more than 100 preventative and direct waterproofing maintenance actions and the work plan we launched includes investments in roofs for 30 schools,” he said.

The official confirmed that the masonry in the classroom will be put into question already this same weekend and that the boys will be able to return from Monday to study there.

After the bad hour the school authorities complained about the lack of the necessary budget to deal with all the construction difficulties they are going through. In fact, a few days ago, students staged a sit-in protesting the infrastructural conditions they deal with every day.

In this regard, Morzone said that a team of specialists from the Infrastructure Undersecretary is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the school. “We as a School Council only do direct action works. They are the ones who diagnose and control the buildings,” he said. La Plata has more than 300 public school buildings. It is the second district with the largest number of schools behind La Matanza.


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