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silver metal is rising


  • LEuropean Stock Exchangestart the week up a bit
  • Wall Street inflation aware
  • Chart of the day –XAG /USD : ae shoulder-head-shoulder

European stock markets start the week up a bit

European Stock Exchange evolution without much change on Monday, close to its height, at the beginning of a session that promises to be calm.

Investors will also be alert to the virtual summit, scheduled for Beijing time Tuesday morning, between American and Chinese presidents that may be particularly concerned with Taiwan ‘s sensitive issue.

Another event of the week, US retail sales will be published on Tuesday for October and may help assess the potential impact of the fall on household morale, which has fallen to the lowest level in a decade, and the rise. in worrying prices.

Inflation-conscious Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange, backed by leading growth stocks that the digital giants, ended up on Friday, was insufficient to prevent the first weekly decline after five weeks of growth after delivery to records.

Over the whole week, marked by a resurgence in inflation fears following the announcement of a higher – than – expected rise in U.S. consumer prices in October, the Dow lost 0.63%, the S&P-500 0.31% and the Nasdaq 0.69%.

The double-digit outlook for continued inflation and tightening of monetary policies, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, weighed on technology stocks, one of the most sensitive rating compartments for rate changes.

Othersfinancial market news

The oil market is in recession for fear of rising supply and weakening demand.

Today’s economic calendar:

Today's Economic Calendar

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CHART OF THE DAY –XAG / USD: shoulder-to-shoulder

XAG / USD Day Chart

Silver metals have been accelerating for several sessions, the asset has also validated a trend reversal pattern:one shoulder-head-shoulder.

Crossing $ 24.80 paves the way for a new bullish outlook. The market may rally to the next resistance near $ 28.50. As a reminder, the Of money locked in a consolidation range between $ 22.30 and $ 28.50 for 15 months, so breaking one of the two limits should trigger a powerful directional flow. Breaking the range ceiling could lead to an acceleration of $ 30 and then $ 35.

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