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More than 500,000 people visited spaces in La Plata during the holidays, with hotel occupancy exceeding 75%


According to preliminary public and private data, more than 500,000 people passed through public spaces in La Plata during the winter holidays, which is an absolute record. On average hotel occupancy was more than 75%, with the presence of international tourism.

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In República de los Niños more than 400,000 people joined in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, in the rest of the municipal spaces, such as the Pasaje Dardo Rocha and its museums MUMART and MACLA; Malvinas Islands Centre; the Sports Center and the Julio López de Los Hornos Center; Podestá Coliseum Theatre; the Meridian V Centre; the house museums of Almafuerte and Dardo Rocha and the Palace of Francisco López Merino added more than one hundred thousand visitors.

Children’s Republic during this Sunday

Regarding hotel occupancy, sources from the Tourism Entity and the private sector confirmed that the average occupancy exceeded 75%, with very high peaks in average visitors and slightly less in the most expensive places, and also international tourism began to shine with visitors from Brazil.

In this Sunday’s tourism report from the Argentine Federation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) La Plata was among the top tourist destinations.

The numbers showed strong communication work between different departments of the mayor’s management Julius Garrofor example the Ministry of Culture and Education, the Tourism Entity, among others.

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