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Moncloa will seek economic agreements with Biden

Just over a year before the elections, Government President Pedro said Sanchezhe is given a golden opportunity to resolve his relationship with the US. It is the last bullet of the President. So, next week – during a NATO summit to be held in Madrid – the president has agreed with him, in the early afternoon of Tuesday 28, two way meeting in Moncloa Palace. Executive sources confirm that nothing related to the summit will be discussed at this meeting, but that they will seek to “update” relations between the two countries.

The Government is aware that the US is a high-level economic and commercial partner. In times of uncertainty like the current one, its role becomes much more relevant as it can boost investments and exports (mainly capital goods, semi-factory and food and beverages). Within the latter, it is worth mentioning Spanish olive oil, which suffered tariffs during the Trump era, but was canceled with the advent of Biden, and now, the indicators show that this market is once again led in North American country by companies. in our country.

From a national political perspective, the image of President Sánchez by Joe Biden can help reshape his image, which is still being damaged by the fragile economic situation. Various EU governments are suffering from the continuing blows of inflation. In some countries, this widespread price shock has led to massive social protests. Something that can be transferred to Spain if the threats to certain specific sectors of the economy, such as transport, are met.

The US follows closely as governments develop their allies. So by accurate reports they know the reality of each country. Since Sánchez formed the government coalition with United We Can in 2020, the Trump administration implemented the warning. Warning maintained by the Biden Administration. Sánchez’s partner is a self – confessed defender of the Palestinian cause and has often been criticized by NATO. Two key elements of US international policy. This case put pressure on the last two administrations to ease relations with Spain.

Although the two countries have been allies for many years, The relationship has gone through the ups and downs. In recent years – with Pedro Sánchez as president – this has not been the main result. In fact, the Spaniards saw several episodes throughout this last legislature that cast doubt on the quality of the diplomatic relations of the two countries.

A year ago, at a NATO summit in Brussels, Moncloa announced that Sánchez would hold a brief “meeting” with Biden. Contact that came down to 30 seconds of conversation and the two leaders walked to the meeting place. In addition, while Spain was experiencing one of its most violent episodes in Ceuta -with the illegal entry of more than 10,000 immigrants initiated by the Moroccan government – the United States chose to stay on the sidelines.

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Sánchez ‘money pillar’: Moncloa seeks economic deals with Biden.
DPA via Europa Press

Spanish businessmen have a keen economic and commercial interest in the US. Many companies win – or win – big contracts. It is one of them Meaty, which increased several highways throughout the territory. In addition, a few weeks ago it became known that he would be involved in the expansion of the John F. Kennedy International Airport. On the other hand, the multinational Iberdrola one of the leading companies in wind energy, and natural into the North American market by purchasing a renewable company specializing in solar energy and storage in the country.

For next Tuesday 28, the President of the Government will hold other bilateral meetings at the Palacio de la Moncloa. First thing in the morning, he will get the Prime Minister Australia, Anthony Albanese. Later, he will meet with the Prime Minister of Conradh na Gaeilge New ZealandJacinda Ardern. A policy – the latter – that Sánchez has often publicly advocated. Finally, and before meeting with the president of North America, he will have lunch with the secretary – general of the OTANJens Stoltenberg, aiming for a Madrid summit in history as the place where Sweden and Finland sealed their entry into the organization.

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