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Land seizure in La Plata: neighbors march and demand no provincial real estate tax

Following the controversial ruling of the leader of Federal Court No. 1 de La Plata, Alejo Ramos Padillaó file the case for the largest illegal landholding in the province of Buenos Airesas “It was made in the light of day”, his neighbor from Los Hornos town They called for a march to overturn the magistrate’s decision and asked not to pay the provincial real estate tax.

By statement, the Los Hornos Neighborhood Organizing Group, calls to “march Wednesday 04/13 at 12 noon at the door of the Federal Courts at 8 between 50 and 51 as a protest and a denial of the ruling, in a peaceful manner and without political factions, to any person from the City, Province, and Country, who considers it a crime to use this, and any land, and who thinks that not only endangering your private property, but also your physical integrity in events like this. ”

In addition, these taxpayers recommend that “all residents of the City of La Plata and the Province of Buenos Aires stop paying all provincial real estate tax in protest, as, according to the same judge, possession of property delegations. Well, so nothing belongs to anyone, and everything can be reused at any time of the day, by anyone, without penalty ”.

Ramos Padilla ordered the investigation into the seizure of land, located in the national estate of Club Planeadores, in the game La Plata that took place in February 2020, it was archived assuming that there were no illegal acts in that maneuver. Among his arguments, he explained that the land was seized without violence and during the day. “The entrance to the ground was made by daylight, at 4:15 pm, in full view of all,” wrote the magistrate.

“The persons involved entered the property without realizing that any measure aimed at denying or obstructing such entry had been taken,” said Judge Ramos Padilla, and local mayor, Julius Garro (Together), rejected the ruling, called for the eviction of more than two thousand families and claimed that the Provincial appeal, while the government Axel Kicillo it will not appeal because it promises cooperation for developing urbanization.

The call was on February 16, 2020, at 4:00 pm, at 76 and 146 de Los Hornos. The third police station of La Plata and the prosecutor in charge of UFI No. 1 intervention, Anna Medina. The Minister for Security, Sergio Berni, he ordered the eviction, but they returned and Berni no longer intervened, as they were national lands.

The former Glider Club property now belongs to the State Asset Administration Agency, surrendered to the Ministries of Community and Agrarian Development 14,000 lots for urban and productive projects not yet controlled.

The Province has agreed with the local government on a plan to urbanize the area. Then 188 households were included according to the current census. However, there was disagreement between the parties seeking to develop the 160 blocks made up of the property, which run from the 143rd and 153rd streets and from the 76th to the 86th streets. There are currently about 2,200 families.

“For some time now, the City of La Plata has been a victim of various land uses, both public and private, and a vast majority, inspired and expressed by political leaders and tips. Among them is the largest land grab in the history of the Province of Buenos Aires, of 160 hectares, equivalent to 1/5 of the urban area of ​​La Plata, located in the former Glider Club, in Los Hornos, started on 16 February 2020.

In this mega takeover, there are plenty of complaints from neighboring neighborhoods and Los Hornos in general (crime has increased by 200% since its inception, according to the Provincial Ministry of Security itself) regarding robberies and even firearms threats, with for the illegal sale of land, the sale of drugs on the spot, the entry of large numbers of high-end trucks and cars, boxes that serve as places of possession for criminals, etc. Also, there are people in need of housing, but they make up less than 25% of the people on the property. That percentage is also equal to the number of people settled on the spot, as the other 75% only go on weekends to eat barbecue and run covert parties since the land has recreational use for them.

All of this is easily verifiable since there is photographic and video evidence showing it, with the exception of Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla, who presides over Federal Court No. 1, do not consider this a crime, since the day usurpation was committed. , in a ruling that is credible and shameful, and which encourages the use of any property, of the State or some individual.

That is why, as a group of neighbors, we are fed up with the criminal acts that we suffer on a daily basis, now with the complicity of the aforementioned magistrate, and because of the fear that prevails throughout Los Hornos in particular, and in the City of La Plata in in common. , we invite:

– March Wednesday 04/13 at 12 noon at the door of the Federal Courts at 8 r / 50 and 51 in protest and denial of the ruling, peacefully and without political factions, for all in the City, Province, and Country , who considers this a crime, and to use any land, and who thinks not only that their private property is in danger, but also their physical integrity in such proceedings.

– For all residents of the City of La Plata and the Province of Buenos Aires to stop paying the provincial real estate tax in protest, since, according to the same judge, possession of property is delegated, no one owns anything, and everything can be usurped at any time of the day, by anyone, without any kind of punishment.

We hope that the Provincial Government of Buenos Aires will act as it should, appealing the ruling so as not to set a ruthless precedent in a ruling that encourages greater use and crime in general, and that it will live up to its promise in the various areas. meetings with neighbors. ”

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