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“I don’t know where the money from my passport at River went”

Gonzalo Higuaín remembered his first years at River and how he left the club. In addition, he revealed that Marcelo Gallardo wanted to repatriate him and said why he decided not to return to Argentine football.

Higuaín: “I do not know where the money from my passport at River went”

The return of Gonzalo Higuaín to River is one of the pending accounts that still makes noise. On the one hand, because the striker emerged from the youth divisions of the club expressed his desire to return at some point. On the other hand, because the Millionaire enjoyed it for a very short timeeconomic needs accelerated his departure for European football and the desire to see him remained longer with the red band on his chest.

In the context of a club that was very different from the current one, Pipita was sold to Real Madrid in a kind of triangulation with Locarno, a Swiss entity that was also involved in buying a number of youth players who were beginning to appear in the First Division. Former River Accountant recalled that great meeting of the Board of Directors at which his departure was agreed: “There was a complete mess after my sale, with the money I did not know where it went, if it was from Locarno … that money we did not know where it went”Higuain pointed out in an interview with Libero (TyC Sports).

Over his scandalous descendants, Former millionaire striker retains fond memory of his time at Núñez club and admitted that he is still excited about the goals he has scored against Boca in the 2007 Apertura super-class: “I was not even aware, I told you the truth. I am not now either. Having 17 goals and being able to score two goals in a classic, River full pitch, it gave me the dream of any youth player, it happened very quickly. We won the La Volpe team that came in first place. It was something magical, I still do not fall. It’s been 17 years and I still don’t know what I did. And I hope I’m not because I’m still enjoying it. “he admitted.

For her, admitted that he had the opportunity to return to Abhainn some time ago .i. but explained the reasons for his refusal: “With Marcelo we had the reunion in Orlando. I have a great relationship. We’ve talked about it, but I was not mentally willing to go to Argentina to play at the level and pace that Marcelo requires. To go and not give him everything, I would rather not go. If I go it’s to give one hundred percent, I’m not going to pass the time. It was not in my head to return to that focus and to have that bubble in maximum exposure ”he finished.

Julian’s Foreword

Gonzalo Higuaín said a year ago that Julián Álvarez was the leading center in Argentine soccer. He was not yet an undisputed starter at River and many times joined the team even as a midfielder or player. However, Pipa had a vision as a specialist in the field and today shows from his chest: “I was playing 8 and I said River was the top 9. I love that he is doing well, we have changed shirts, he sent me his and I put my head down. He’s a great, professional boy, I wish him all the best “sure.

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