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Compliance with “Care Prices” increased by two points in La Plata

The survey, carried out during the last week of July 2022, shows that “according to the analysis according to the type of market, the relationship between the size of the business and the amount of fulfillment is maintained and the hypermarket is still where the expected business. the best performance is presented in the levels of compliance with respect to the rest”, said Julia Galizzi, economist and member of the economic team of the Foundation.

“Of the various products surveyed, sugar and butter remain the food products showing the highest level of non-compliance. However, despite their importance in the food basket of the population, they are products whose prices are not carefully found in more than 58% of the stores,” Galizzi explained.

As reported, the products were selected according to the following consumption criteria: normal, frequent, essential and habitual. Due to the amount predicted by “Prices Care” for the AMBA region (1,353 products), the work of FundPlata selected 20 products. Likewise, 16 businesses (11 supermarkets, 3 hypermarkets and 2 neighborhood markets) were geographically located in 12 neighborhoods of the municipality of La Plata.

July Prices Report Prices with White on Black on Scribd

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