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They find a new oil leak point in the ship OS35

They find a new oil leak point in the ship OS35

They find a new point in the ship OS35 through which the oil leaks from the ship reaches the surface of the sea, overcomes the containment barriers and finally reaches the coast of Cadiz.

This has been confirmed by the Government of Gibraltar today, who have announced that dive teams are examining the ship to determine the source of the leak, work which will continue tomorrow when the deck has been leveled and the group can further investigate the situation and whether the most suitable measures can be taken to plug it.

At the moment, as reported by the Captain of Port Peñón, during today less hydrocarbons were detected coming from the ship and less visible lights escaping from the barrier, as said in a statement.

Waste from pipes or tank 1

When the initiative is found, it remains to thoroughly examine the situation of the sunken ship stranded in the east of the Rock after suffering an accident at the end of August in the Bay of Algeciras, and to determine what measures can be taken. stop the leaks that have put this area of ​​the Natura 2020 network at serious risk.

As for the oil escaping from the ship, the Port Captain has said that it is likely to be “unpumped residues left in tank 1 or in the surrounding pipes”.

Levante beach in La Línea de la Concepción reopens to the public

These polluted “microballs” arrived in Algeciras this Thursday, which led the mayor of the town, José Ignacio Landaluce, to announce lawsuits against those responsible for the ship and to negatively assess the sinking work done last weekend to avoid the storm, as well. regarding the Línea de la Concepción a few days before, the city of Cadiz most affected by this environmental crisis was forced to close its beaches as a precaution.

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Today, and after several days of cleaning, the Ministry of Health and Consumption Junta de Andalucía announced that Levante El Carmen beach in the city of La Linea is suitable for swimming, although it warned that it will continue to monitor . and vigilance because it cannot be ruled out that new polluted remains come in due to the tides.

City workers on La Línea beach with remnants of the OS 35 spill.

City workers on La Línea beach with remnants of the OS 35 spill.

Ninth Republic

Four La Línea fishing establishments remain closed as a precaution until the regional government authorizes the return to activity in the sector.

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