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Maduro’s regime supplies Europe with oil and demands an end to sanctions

CARACAS – Diosdado Cabello, considered the second most powerful man in Venezuela after the dictator Nicolás Maduro, Said on Monday that his country could be a supplier of fuels for Europe, but because of the sanctions which prevents you from carrying out operations like this indicates that the restrictions on the sale of your oil have been set aside.

“Venezuela has oil, not only for Spain, but for Europe. The only thing is that they have to pay it and they have to pay it at the price it is and, given the circumstances, they have to pay it in advance,” said Cabello, Party vice president United Socialist of Venezuela, at a press conference.

But the latter of the dictatorship did not mention Venezuela’s lack of ability to extract oil against Venezuela’s destroyed oil infrastructure, due to the lack of investment in that area since Chavismo came to power almost 25 years ago.

As a result of US and European sanctions, the hydrocarbons produced by the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) do not have a presence in Europe and other Western countries. Washington has frozen all the assets of the Venezuelan regime in the United States and banned the Americans and their international partners from doing business with Caracas in order to push Maduro from power. Maduro claimed victory in 2018 amid fraudulent elections.

Maduro’s regime faces sanctions for human rights abuses, corruption and links to drug trafficking.

Europe is starved of energy due to the embargo on Russian oil imports agreed by European Union leaders after the war in Ukraine. European countries make agreements with other countries not to depend on Russian oil and gas.

Even if the conditions were met to open the doors to Venezuela in the international oil market, it would be difficult for this country to be able to benefit from them. Venezuela, once an oil-rich country with one of the world’s largest crude oil reserves, has seen a sharp drop in crude oil and refined product production for more than five years, leading to shortages due to poor -supplied. domestic fuels and gas, although their presence in the world market is currently marginal.

Critics of the dictatorship blame the collapse of the oil industry on mismanagement and corruption in the state corporation PDVSA under the socialist regimes of late President Hugo Chávez and his successor Maduro.

SOURCE: With AP information

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