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Epetrol oil stock drop again Companies business

Epetrol’s share price recorded the strongest drop (13.61%) in a year, explained in particular by analysts, due to the decline in oil prices. The reason for this situation was that the securities prices of the companies in the sector suffered, although it was the Colombian company that was most affected, which has been going on for the past few days and has increased this week.

(The revenues of the 1,000 largest companies were 20% higher compared to 2019).

Titles of major oil companies such as Petrobras, with 1.85%, Exxon with 3.10%, Chevron with 3.66%, Shell with 1.27% and Pemex with 2.64%.some of those were marking price drops.

Texas intermediate oil prices fell 1.8% yesterday to close at US $ 104.27 and Brent fell 1.51% to US $ 110.03 for fear of declining energy market demand as a possible slowdown in economic activity.

Colombian Stock Exchange Colcap index fell again, this time 2.43% and 27 of the 36 shares traded fell.

For its part, the dollar is $ 4,068.75 today and an increase of $ 42.23 was recorded.


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