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They started natural gas in the dining room of La Virgencita

They started natural gas in the dining room of La Virgencita

With the symbolic lighting of the stove by the municipal authorities and Emugas, the natural gas service was officially opened in the La Virgencita Dining Room, located on Lambda at 800in the neighborhood of the Park.

In the place, an internal installation of 70 meters of pipes and seven devices (kitchen, two stoves, two ovens and two hot water tanks) was made, which required an investment of 265 thousand pesos.

the city mayor, Damian Bernarte, highlighted that there are three institutions alongside the property: the dining room, the recycling cooperative and Caritas. “It makes us very happy because we believe it is a worthy work in a space where, based on the voluntary work of the city’s residents, not only have food and restraint been provided for more than 20 years, but they also had the vision. of needs to be transformed into jobs that are reflected in tasks that give the members of the cooperative a life with dignity”, said Bernarte.

They started natural gas in the dining room of La Virgencita

And he said to him: “The restriction, the accompaniment in the formative, in the education; in addition to the possibility of generating income for people who were originally from this sector but that the business is spread throughout the city, they deserved that the Municipal State through Emugas take action on the matter and give here an essential service improves the quality of life of the people who attend this place”.

The mayor said he was “proud” of the task done by Emugas and He pointed out that 90% of San Francisco already has natural gas network coverage. He also reported that 10 businesses have opened this year and there are six more neighborhood projects underway that will open this year.

“San Francisco is going through a phase of development and growth that makes us proud, and it is an act of strict justice to reach every sector of our community where the State contributes more in the areas that are most needed,” said the municipality . manager.

Emugas President, Oscar Enricoreported that when this sector of the neighborhood had natural gas service, what was done in “La Virgencita” this time was to connect natural gas to the interior of the facilities, noting that “members went of the institution to the municipal gas company to provide the service, and we, as an adjunct of the Municipality of San Francisco, realized that this was viable, so we got to work and were able to make it happen”.

Meanwhile, the president of Food Association “La Virgencita”, Giordano depositthanks to those who succeeded and emphasized the safety that natural gas brings to the place, since “120 people have lunch using different bottles that created fear in us, so this service gives , as well as happiness, peace for us. mind huge”.

Silvino Buraschi, founder and treasurer of the institution, also thanks the municipality for making the arrival of natural gas a reality and said: “After 30 years of work, it makes me very happy to see how it has grown. I want to highlight something very important and that is that it gives us satisfaction about how we have the dignity of a large number of families, I calculate between 70 and 80 families who live with dignity today and fill us with pride”.

To your Maria Laura Gaido, the manager of Emugas said: “Part of my heart is full of satisfaction since I was a volunteer at the time and I know the people here, I know the enthusiasm and effort they put in every day so that people can live with dignity. ”, also valuing teamwork to achieve the objectives.

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