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The United States, the great beneficiary of the war in Ukraine and the Chr…

United States of America he is a major beneficiary of the war in Ukraine and also of the crisis between Spain and Algeria that it caused Pedro Sánchez with his insanity towards Morocco by changing its position on Western Sahara. And it is the country of Joe Biden he is doing a lot with his dear liquefied natural gas (LNG)which is mostly extracted at fracking (hydraulic fracturing), a technique banned in Spain: he was our first supplier for months, but LNG costs more than double the Algerian gas that comes through the Medgaz pipeline.

The latest example of big business in the USA can be seen in the statistical bulletin published by Enagás, the Spanish gas system manager and gas transport company, corresponding to the month of July. In the first seven months, Biden’s country has sold 86,609 gigawatt hours (GWh) to Spain, which represents 32.9% of the total, and was over Algeria (64.534 GWh), Nigeria (37,533 GWh) y Russia (28,265 GWh), among the main suppliers.

The demand for gas in the national market rose by 12% in July, but with significant differences: the normal one (the industry) falls by 30.9%, while the amount destined for the electricity sector increases by 125.9%

In July, Algeria led imports, with 8,572 GWh through the Medgaz pipeline alone, compared to 16,192 GWh a year ago (when it was sent through a pipeline and also part of LNG). Although with a reduction of 42%, it is slightly above the US, which sent 8,530 GWh, three times more than a year ago. Nigeria follows them, with 5,882 GWh, five times more; and Russia, with 5,317 GWh, 15% more. Also, Angola and Egypt they added LNG, which they did not do in July 2021; but nothing came from Cameroon, Peru, Oman and South Korea; and the amount of supplies from Algeria, France and Equatorial Guinea has decreased. And it should be noted that LNG is already responsible for 72% of the supplies, 29.1% more than in July last year, while natural gas, which costs more than half, represents the 28% another. In fact, 26,448 GWh were released in July at the six regasification plants in Spain, 113.8 more than a year ago, with the arrival of 27 methane tankers (+92.4%); and the three underground storage Its useful stock has increased by 12.6%, to 27,469 GWh.

In the statistical bulletin, it is also stated that the demand for gas in the national market has increased by 12% in the seventh month, but with significant differences: the normal one (the one used, for example, by industry) falls. by 30, 9%, and the one destined for electricity sector it has shot up 125.9%. In the first seven months, traditional demand has fallen by 12.7%, but the electricity sector has risen by 83.2%; and within the demand of the international market (+77.4%), there was a 100% increase in outputs by links (especially for the Pyrenees supplied by France) and 35.2% in the LNG ship load.

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